Swallowed by the Dragon By James Reed

     Ron Asher, In his new updated addition of "In the Jaws of the Dragon: How China is Taking Over New Zealand and Australia", ($40 posted from TrossPublishing.co.nz, 2017), is well recommended for all concerned about china’s aggressive buy ups of lands across the world. There is  lots of information about buy ups of farmland and property, but that is not what I want to focus on here.

     The bulk of the book performs the valuable task of locating China as a military threat to the free world. Trump, at the time of writing has blamed China for the North Korean missile tests, basically because China could have stopped them, but China has most likely given nuclear technical aid to North Korea to advance its nuclear program. Even the mainstream papers, which generally fall all over China, are beginning to have articles expressing some concern about China’s military might: The Australian, August 1, 2017, p. 11.

     The core argument made by Asher, is that nationals should be concerned about Chinese foreign investment because of national security issues. China is a communist authoritarian country, and is continuous with the China that butchered millions of its own people under Mao. It is a country seeking world domination, Asher shows, and Australia and New Zealand are just bite-size snacks in the scheme of things. Their resources are considered to be China’s resources.

     China, Asher shows, is a non-liberal authoritarian regime that has severe restrictions on freedom of speech, association and religion, holding millions of people in labour camps for thought crimes. Meanwhile “craven and callous Western leaders wine and dine with China’s Politburo.” The genocide of Tibet, seldom mentioned by the mainstream press should make any reasonable person concerned about this regime. It is insane that our chattering class, who attack ordinary folk over “racism,” are silent about China’s human rights abuses, because of political correctness, and money.
     Yet, being a non-white communist country, China is beloved by the Left who while seeing every minute wrong with Whites, can see no evil there, such is the level of the Left’s White Pathology.

     Asher, though, does not see China as becoming No. 1 economically, as China is set to crash by 2020, due to inherent defects in trying to run a capitalist economy along communist lines, with many state run corporations now bankrupt, but kept in the black by fraudulent accounting.

     The solution for Australians and New Zealand: “It is time for Australians and New Zealanders to shake themselves out of their apathy and get to grips with the issue which is this: do we wish to be true to its foundation and heritage, and retain its democracy and sovereign independence, or become a majority subsidiary of China Inc., the business arm of the world’s most oppressive dictatorship?” (p.332)
     Which way, Western man?   



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Saturday, 19 September 2020
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