Survive the Economic Collapse By John Steele


Two outstanding books, now getting a bit old, but still relevant are Fernando Ferfal Aguire, Survive the Economic Collapse (2009), and Piero San Giorgio, Survive the Economic Collapse (2013). Ferfal’s book is based on his first-hand experience of the 2001 economic collapse in Argentina. The take-home lesson from this gritty text is how people do turn to violence when resources are scarce. He describes first hand attacks, including one on his wife, and friends getting shot. Gangs systematically loot, while cops, corrupt at the best of times, do nothing, in typical anarcho-tyranny style. At that time, he predicted that the United States would go down the South American road, and the events of 2020 proved him right. He has a YouTube show with Matt Bracken each week for two hours where they discuss the descent of the West, primarily America, into chaos.

Ferfal’s book covers shelter, mainly in urban environments, vehicles, gear and supplies, and a massive amount of material on self-defence skills. He is particularly knowledgeable about knives and knife fighting and the chapter on this is very good in my opinion. He also discusses some more unusual material, such as bribes, and life under corrupt institutions, such as the police. This is highly relevant today, as we all go the police state way, even Australia, witness the Covid people control.

The San Giorgio book has about a third of is contents devoted to theoretical reasons why the collapse of techno-industrial society is likely. Having established that, he goes on to advocate those who want to survive, and most will not, obtaining a Sustainable Autonomous Base, far from the cities. This base is where the remnant will make a last stand. He covers all that is necessity to get such a base up and running, including water, food, health, energy, knowledge, defence and the social bond. This is a well organised and thoughtful book which would certainly be a must-read for those who see the end as nigh. The Ferfal book being orientated about one collapse scenario, is not as broad, but it complements the San Giorgio book. I recommend both books, giving them a five-star rating each. I intend to pass my copies on now, having absorbed the information.



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Thursday, 15 April 2021
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