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Survival Fitness in the UK By John Steele

     Who says that there is not an upside to the great anarcho-tyranny downside? Why, fear of knife attacks could make victims fitter!

“Children should get 'fitter' so they are more able to repel the growing threat of knife attacks, an outspoken Tory MP told senior police officers today. Sir Christopher Chope says more youngsters should be encouraged to try judo and taekwondo to avoid them feeling the need to carry a blade themselves. The Brexiteer, who represents Christchurch in Dorset, suggested martial arts would help youngsters be 'physically able to deal with the situation' by either disarming a rival or fighting back. He told police officers at the Home Affairs Select Committee in Parliament today: 'It's an alternative. If they [young people} say "well I'm carrying a knife because I want to protect myself' - an alternative to that is actually to protect yourself by actually being fitter and more able to deal with that sort of attack'. He added: 'In the same way as a lot of young women are taught how to deal with men who get violent or threatening towards them'.”

     That sounds good on paper, coming from an intellectual who probably has not had a fight in his life, let alone a knife fight, which is something different to fists, a whole new level of danger and pain. But, what UK police are seeing are hyper-violent attacks with large knives and machetes. It is unlikely that even the best unarmed combat folk would have much of a chance against this. There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing such violent attacks, but I will not link them, because … well you know. Funny that all the violence and porn is never censored isn’t it?



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Friday, 29 May 2020
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