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Stocking Up for Coronavirus: Good Times Keep A Coming! By John Steele

     Crises like the present coronavirus one are really times for outsider types like me to shine. Conventional society presents little for people like me, but somehow the bleakness of the bio-apocalypse does not seem so bad. Could the popularity of this genre of film be due to the prevalence of men like me, who are alienated from the mainstream, men against time? Anyway, here is an article from a mainstream media source giving a shopping list for the pandemic, just in case anyone finds my work way too manic:

“Australians need to start stocking up on food and supplies before the spread of the deadly coronavirus becomes a global pandemic and stocks of required goods start to run low, a survival expert has warned. While the vast majority of the 80,000 infections have been within China, 37 people have died in South Korea, Italy and Iran as the new hot spots emerged in the past week for COVID-19. One of Australia's leading survivalists said the nation's shoppers should start bulking up their weekly shop before the virus' spread leads to food supply shortages. 'We should always be prepared for food shortages - not just from coronavirus but civil incidences, extreme weather and power outages which will cut us off from supply,' Western Australian survival instructor Bob Cooper told Daily Mail Australia on Wednesday. Stockpiling by panicked shoppers has already seen shelves emptied in Italian towns at the centre of the country's outbreak in the northern Veneto and Lombardy regions. Mr Cooper said it was too early for such panic here but said Australians should start thinking about whether their food cupboards can sustain them if the supply chain is broken. 'You need to think about things that have a long shelf life: dried fruit, dried foods, cereals, pasta will also last a long time,' he said. 'Packets of flour will also allow to make your own bread.'

The survival expert said shoppers should be prioritising vegetables rather than protein, as the former should make up 80 per cent of our diet. 'Things like root vegetables can be sun-dried and re-hydrated and last up to six months. I've tested it with bananas and fish as well,' he said. Mr Cooper said even more important than food is keeping a supply of your own drinking water in case the supply runs out. 'No-one is gonna die of starvation - it might get hard - but that should be the least of your priorities,' he said. 'You need to have your own water supply though.' University of Queensland virology expert Ian Mackay has also compiled a thorough list of items Australians should stockpile in a box labelled 'pandemic stash'. As well as food items, included in the list are feminine hygiene products, over-the-counter medication, toilet paper and pet food if required. The Australian government is preparing a contingency plan should the spread turn into a pandemic - a development which would be declared by the World Health Organisation.”

     Told you so! Also, Bob Cooper is the founding father of Australian survivalism, great bloke who really knows the bush:



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Friday, 29 May 2020
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