Statistics on White Guilt By Bruce Bennett

White guilt is the lasts politically correct mania, so it is interesting to examine data on just how many white folk go in for this bs.
According to this site:, not all that many.

The 2016 American National Election Studies pilot study featured the following three questions: “When you learn about racism, how much guilt do you feel due to your association with the white race?”; “How guilty do you feel about the privileges and benefits you receive as a white American?”; and “How guilty do you feel about social inequality between white and black Americans?”.
It was found that only a minority of white Americans admit to feeling any kind of guilt about race at all, regardless of  how the question was framed. Here are the results:
That a majority of white people are no longer falling down on their knees at the first mention of “racism,” and are starting to think can only be good for the future of free speech.



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Friday, 04 December 2020
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