Squeezing the Life Out of Our Cities by John Steele

     As pointed out in a recent article by Judith Sloan, “We’re Squeezing the Life Out of Our Cities,” http://www.theaustralian.com.au/opinion/columnists/judith-sloan/were-squeezing-the-life-out-of-our-cities/news-story/c9ef0c2c59ec79a12ec983247e2eba20, immigration is making once liveable cities, unliveable:

“So what are the undesirable features of the galloping rate of growth of Melbourne’s population?
For starters, the new infrastructure projects that would normally be associated with such strong population growth have struggled to keep up. Think schools, hospitals, additional public transport and roads, particularly those linking different parts of the city — the list goes on.
The congestion on the roads and public transport at certain times of the day and week is something to behold. If I take the train to the city during peak times, the experience is akin to travelling in a sardine can. Even though we are not many stops from the beginning of the line, there is no hope of getting a seat or even finding a secure standing spot.
Driving is equally unbearable. Consider also the developments that have been allowed to occur in our precinct. On the arterial roads, the big houses have been sold, pulled down and replaced mostly by tacky-looking, albeit expensive, apartment blocks.
Nothing else has changed in terms of the local schools, local transport, local shops and other local amenities. There are many more people living in the area, but none of the supporting facilities has been altered. Evidently, we locals are being unreasonable trying to block this sort of development; we are guilty of selfish nimbyism and we just need to get with the program.
And that program is medium and high-density living, whether the longstanding incumbents like it or not. I used to think that it was our democratic right to express opinions about how our local suburb should develop, but apparently I was mistaken.”

     We have not seen anything yet, as the power elite have always said that they want an Australian  population of 100 million, or 300 million. Once the population gets to 40 million, if the ecology has not collapsed, they will push for more. Once the population gets to one billion, they will push for more. And, before Australia dies, they will leave, perhaps to other worlds, to pollute and destroy them. So absolutely mad are they, that the entire multiverse is not enough, because human psychopathological greed is indeed infinite, and does not obey the law of diminishing marginal utility. The immigration elite are, the economic irrationalists.



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Tuesday, 11 August 2020
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