Spanish/Chinese Flu By Brian Simpson

     The Spanish Flu of 1918, actually from China, but first reported by Spain, killed 100 million people, according to recent estimates.

     The world at that time was not as globalised as today, so it is all a matter of the “right” virus coming along, which is inevitable given the genetic adaptation of viruses. The above video reminds us of the horrific nature of pandemics, with people dropping dead in the streets, bodies being stacked, and so on. This is forgotten by even scientists, as humanity is over-confident that technology will always deliver in time. But, what if it does not? China seems to be unable to control potential pandemics, given aspects of their culture, so we can expect a repeat of 1918 at some point, which is what globalism and cosmopolitanism is all about at the bottom line:

     There is scientific evidence that the virus may have arisen earlier in China than its appearance at the Wuhan seafood market, indicating that it may have already have spread across the world, and is getting ready to go, so to speak. Japan has its first case of coronavirus infection, but the person had not been to Wuhan China

     If there is a global pandemic, this information may be of use to readers:



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Tuesday, 22 September 2020
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