Solve UK Knife Violence with Swords!! By Richard Miller

     Every day here are new horror stories from sad old dying England about knife crime.

     The solution by the authorities has been to ban knives. Also, firms are producing knives without points, which does not seem to have a point if knives are banned, and as if a point cannot be ground into such a pointy knife, or steel found, and made pointy. Get the point? No, the answer to the knife problem is to go one level up, and issue permits for ordinary folk to carry swords and other medieval weapons, including wearing chain mail! There is no doubt that guns would solve the problem, but the cucked British are not up to that. Anyway, people who had guns, being attacked are likely to be as bad a shots as police, and thus hit city shoppers. But, going medieval may appeal to them. Short swords trump the pathetic kitchen knives used by attackers, and even a half decent fighting Bowie or kukri, would make most of these attacker’s wet their pants. Knife fighting training centres could be set up in supermarkets, creating employment.

     So, what is to stop the sorts of people doing the stabbings now, going and getting better steel, and training? Nothing at all, and in fact I would be good if they did! Authorities would get to interview them fresh, before stabbings. And, it is not likely that the present crop of killers would put too much time in mastering the art of the blade, as this is just a weapon of convenience. Ordinary people might then have a fighting chance. Women, especially would be able to deal with assaults by simply giving rapists a taste of cold steel. 



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Wednesday, 27 January 2021
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