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Social Distancing and Racism? By Peter Ewer

     If you are worried about death and social doom in the current corona-crisis, then think again, because the real concern, as always, is racism, white racism. Yeah:

“The global explosion of the coronavirus has dramatically brought about fresh challenges for refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. With countries adopting strict measures to contain this pandemic, including rigid border controls, the outbreak will not only have a huge impact on those driven out by crisis situations but is also likely to create another refugee tragedy, worse than what has been experienced before. The global response to the spread of the virus formally known as Covid-19 amid the ongoing refugee crisis has been shaped by the complexity of national political interests, hardened immigration policies and border sovereignty. Xenophobic rhetoric about how migrants and refugees are potential carriers of the deadly virus and pose a health threat has already become a central theme for right-wing populists in Europe, who advocate for cracking down on immigration. And many far-right nationalists are making unverified assertions that African migrants brought the virus to the continent.”

     Of course, then there is the anti-Asian rhetoric, primarily anti-Chinese, as embodied in the idea that China’s cultural practices somehow led to the pandemic which has eroded civil liberties.

     No, even if Chinese sources celebrate Covid-19’s decimation of the West, the plague of white racism will always be with us, even long after the last white person has died off from this otherwise blissfully diverse planet, an echo of metaphysical prejudice.

     Even in the shadow of death, it is more important to be morally pure from a universalistic moral position, than to adopt some sort of right-wing survivalist particularistic ethical code of might is right, such as these inflammatory, outrightly shockingly crude Darwinist pieces, which all right-minded people would condemn:

     Love is the answer to the plague, and you know for sure, that because John Lennon told us so.



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Thursday, 09 July 2020
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