So, the Conspiracy Theorists were Right After All! By James Reed

Here is one from the “hoisted by their own petard department.” A media outlet mocked conspiracy theorists who were protesting against lockdowns on the ironically called “Freedom Day,” had their own video deleted by YouTubular for contradiction the holy of Covid holiness, the World Health Organization. So, the conspiracy theorists were right, once again!

“A media outlet that mocked ‘conspiracy theorists’ for protesting against lockdown in London on ‘freedom day’ was forced to admit they might be right after YouTube deleted their video of the protest for contradicting the World Health Organization.

Guido Fawkes, which is supposed to be a conservative outlet yet has slavishly supported lockdown, published a story earlier today in which it ridiculed the protesters, asserting, “Guido can’t understand why these protesters have chosen today of all days to protest…”

Oh I don’t know, Guido, maybe the fact that the government just announced vaccines will be mandatory to enter nightclubs, large venues and potentially even pubs by the end of September.

Maybe they were protesting against that?

“Someone should tell the protestors that the successful vaccine programme is what has ended the much-hated lockdown,” states the article, conveniently ignoring that those who didn’t take the vaccine (a group which will include virtually all of the protesters) will be under a de facto state of indefinite lockdown under the current direction of travel.

The article goes on to call some of them “angry nutters” while dismissing the rest as “conspiracy theorists.”

Quite hilariously however, within hours of Guido uploading a video of today’s protest to YouTube, the media outlet received a message from the company stating it had been removed for violating COVID misinformation rules.

“YouTube doesn’t allow content that explicitly disputes the efficacy of local health authorities’ or World Health Organization (WHO) guidance on social distancing and self-isolation that may lead people to act against that guidance,” states the message.

“Maybe the tin-foilers have a point,” Guido was forced to admit after the removal of the video, although it still went on to label them “crazies.”

Maybe instead of insulting people with genuine concerns, Guido should be challenging the likes of YouTube on why questioning the mandates of the WHO, which have changed drastically on numerous occasions, often completely contradicting the body’s previous assertions, is verboten.”

We are seeing even the Left get cancelled by big tech for accidentally getting out of line.



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Thursday, 29 July 2021
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