Sleepers, Awake! By Brian Simpson

     Jürgen Graf, White World Awake! Stopping the Planed Extermination of Our Volk, (The Barnes Review, 2016), is a very interesting book which covers all aspects of the White genocide hypothesis. The book is 540 pages long, and attempts a comprehensive survey of the ethno-racial demographic threats to Western civilisation.

     Included here are detailed accounts of feminism, homosexualism and genderism, and off course multiculturalism and immigration. There are some other topics discussed which we are not at liberty here in Australia, to discuss, so if interested, you can read this for yourself. I sealed up those pages with duct tape, just to protect any innocent people from viewing if they wandered into my house.

     Graf is German and much of the book discusses the European situation, with examples taken from Europe. This is good for us because we need to see what is in store for us. Overall, the European elites are far superior to the ones who rule us in Australia. If they were here, they would have finished us off long ago. Graf correctly predicted that Le Pen would not win, and if she did he says that the system would easily neutralise her.

     Graf hopes though that there will be a genuine uniting of European people, once more of the truth gets out. (p. 489) He foresees a new European state which unlike the EU strives to protect the European people, by immigration control, and an array of nationalist policies, such a assimilation over multiculturalism. Family policy, with tax concessions to encourage large families, will occur. Politically correct education will come to an end. Many other policies are discussed, all except financial policy and the control of national credit, which threatens to undo everything.

     One thing left unexplained, is how this nationalist state is created from the utter mess which now exists. The assumption is that the nationalists will beat the globalists in political struggle I suppose. I hope that this will be true, but it may not be.

     White World Unite!  contrasts with Arthur Kemp’s Nova Europa: European Survival Strategy in a Darkening World, (Ostara Publications, 2013).  Kemp is even more pessimistic that Graf, and sees Europeans facing a population bottleneck, where ecological and economic forces will mean that the vast majority of populations will not survive, for all the reasons listed at our site.  In a nutshell they are not made of the right heroic stuff needed to survive severe adversary. Hence, there will only be a remnant that survives the catastrophes to come, and Kemp looks forward to some homeland retreat being created by them, to survive the world gone mad.

     I oscillate between the Graf and the more pessimistic Kemp positions, depending upon the amount of bad news I have received that day.  It is difficult to see exactly how all of this will be played out, but we need to get ready for the worst-case scenario.

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