Slavery in Britain By Mrs Vera West

     I am continuing the utterly depressing task of recording what could well be the final death of Britain, or at least Western Christian Britain. The League should be interested in this given its history and traditions. For example, if Britain falls what happens to the Australian constitutional monarchy? Consider the phenomenon of the emergence of the new white slavery in Britain:

“The number of children being forced into modern slavery has soared to a record high. New figures reveal that British children account for the largest proportion of reported cases. Statistics released by the National Crime Agency (NCA) show the number of potential victims of slavery has increased by 35 percent to 5,145 since 2016. That is the highest since records began in 2009, but investigators warn that it will continue to rise. The NCA said most victims are being used for sex or as drug mules by “county lines” groups, which use vulnerable children as couriers to transfer drugs from the city to rural areas.

British nationals comprised the largest group, followed by people from Albania and Vietnam. UK children accounted for 819 referrals, while 777 were Albanians, and 739 were Vietnamese. Liam Vernon, a senior manager in the NCA’s modern slavery and human trafficking unit, said the figure is “shocking.” The reality is that there isn’t a region in the UK that isn’t affected,” he told The Independent. “The number is shocking and our assessment is that this is an underreported crime.”

Nearly half of the referrals were linked to labour exploitation, while other cases were connected to sexual exploitation (1,744) and domestic servitude (488). The NCA said the increase in referrals was due to a “greater awareness” of the problem, but warned that figures “almost certainly represent an underestimate of the true scale” of the problem in the UK.”

     The response by the state has been to increase oppression of those criticising these developments, to silence them, so all of this can continue on its merry way of decay:



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Sunday, 25 July 2021
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