Should Fat People be Recycled Then? Obesity and the Sacred Cult of Carbon By James Reed

     Here is the latest arrow shot oi the cultural war over carbon: that fat people produce too much carbon.  I thought at first, from flatulence, although I am skinny and eternally passing wind, sometimes in embarrassing situations, if I still had any pride. No, it is resource consumption:

“Obese people generate an extra 700 million tons of carbon dioxide per year than those with 'normal weight', according to a new study. Research from The Obesity Society has revealed that obese people account for about 1.6 per cent of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions. This is due to a combination of higher metabolic rates and the environmental impact of both producing the food and the increased fuel required to transport obese people, according to the researchers. The society used greenhouse gas emission data, demographic data, and obesity prevalence statistics to estimate that obesity is responsible for 20 per cent more greenhouse gas emissions compared with people of a normal weight. Increasing average body size of people on Earth may further challenge attempts to reduce man-made carbon dioxide emissions, they say. 'Our analysis suggests that, in addition to beneficial effects on morbidity, mortality, and healthcare costs, managing obesity can favourably affect the environment as well,' said Faidon Magkos, corresponding author of the paper and nutritionist at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. 'This has important implications for all those involved in the management of obesity.'

To assess the impact of obesity on the environment, researchers calculated the extra emission of greenhouse gases – carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide – from the increased oxidative metabolism, increased food production and consumption, and the increased fuel use to transport the greater body weight of people with obesity. Researchers used the standard definitions of obesity – body mass index of greater than or equal to 30 kg/m2 – and normal weight – body mass index of less than 25. Compared with an individual with normal weight, obese people were found to produce an extra 81kg per year of carbon dioxide emissions from higher metabolism, an extra 593kg per year from greater food and drink consumption and an extra 476kg per year from car and air transportation. Globally, obesity contributes to extra greenhouse gas emissions of around 49 megatons per year of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2eq) – a standard unit for measuring carbon footprints – from metabolic activity alone.”

     However, they need to be careful here as the “fat is a feminist issue,” and “love your body movements” amongst feminists, have moved to normalise obesity, so that magazines now delight in featuring huge women on their covers, in the name of being woke and progressive. But this woke value is now set to clash with the woke value of carbon control.
May the best lunatic win.



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Monday, 25 January 2021
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