Sexual Utopia and Power By Mrs Vera West

     Alt Right intellectual F. Roger Devlin, penned an important essay published in The Occidental Quarterly in Summer 2006: “Sexual Utopia in Power.” In 2015, the essay was expanded into a 192 page book, and published by Alt Right publishing company, Counter-Currents: The book traces the breakdown of morality and sexual roles which began in the 1960s, and the disaster which it has brought for social life today.

     All of this is not new to us, but Devlin goes further, challenging the typical conservative response to the crisis, which strangely has much in common with feminism in blaming men. Instead, Devlin looks at the sins of women, such as female hypergamy (mating up), infidelity, narcissism and deceptiveness. This is unusual because conservatives seem to have swallowed hook, line and sinker, the feminist world view, that women can do no wrong. Men are fearful to call out women, and Trump’s dealings with various female journalists is an example of this. Perhaps the lack of testosterone in many men has led to them becoming de facto women:

     If we are to penetrate to the roots of our decline, and save what is left of Western civilisation, to rebuild, hard thinking about uncomfortable questions will need to be undertaken. Heterosexual monogamy is incompatible with the equality of the sexes, Devlin shows. Preserving traditional marriage will involve a vast cultural counter-revolution reversing all that has been thrown up from the 1960s. The elites will not give up easily on this, and that is why they are pressing on relentlessly to destroy every traditional institution as quickly as possible, going to places that we would not have thought possible, a few years ago.



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Thursday, 22 October 2020
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