Self-Undermining Pluralism By James Reed

     The following article by Brett Stevens, is a good article which should be referenced here before it disappears down the memory hole. Brett Stevens at the site, gives an intriguing argument that the acceptance of pluralism and diversity, back in the day when liberal democracy was less insane, would have inevitably led to the present crisis:

“The idea behind pluralism is that instead of trying to find one right answer for everyone, society just accepts those differences as perpetual and stops worrying about uniting them. In theory, we all join together on the basis of our having nothing in common for the ideological purpose of defending our right to have nothing in common. You would think that conservatives would have seen the writing on the wall back then. But, no: apparently people are still shocked when Christmas is no longer an official holiday, kids get taught the right way to perform anal sex in fifth grade, or gay marriage becomes legal. In a pluralistic society, the envelope of tolerance has to be expanded as widely as possible, with one exception. Whatever came before is now assumed to be anti-pluralistic and therefore, the enemy. So while the new calendar will have Ramadan, Kwanzaa and Purim, it is not going to have those moldly old Christian holidays. Nor any of that old European stuff. Pluralism requires expanding tolerance, and stuff accepted by the presumably intolerant previous society does not expand tolerance.

Thus, it must go. Understanding this requires an understanding of how pluralism gains its power. Like most ideological systems, it grows strength from opposing things that people do not like; this helps it attract an audience, which in a democracy is the only power an idea can have. That requires that it find targets among the ways and habits of society that are not pluralistic enough, and then stage some kind of tantrum or demonstration to draw attention to that fact and demand its inclusion. Like a virus, it infects cell after cell and uses them as its springboard to the next victim. By definition it cannot go to older traditions and demand they be made more pluralistic, so they are of no use in advancing itself, and thus it discards them. What this means for conservatives is that society will always go one way under pluralism: the way away from tradition, conservatism and heritage, and towards a society comprised only of individuals with no shared values, culture or belief in common except, of course, pluralism itself.

This means that if you want to keep your tradition, heritage and beliefs, it will be by resisting society and carving out a niche for yourself and, with luck, others who feel the same way. The government is no longer there to defend what you believe in; in fact, government will destroy what you hold dear in order to make room for more pluralism. Conservatives — who generally pay less attention to trends, memes, fads, tropes, media, crazes and popular opinion than liberals — are about fifty years behind on this issue. They still think that if they just wave the flag, insist on good old-fashioned American values, and put their heads down and work hard, everything will turn out. They do not realize that this society has turned on all of those things and will destroy them. They do not realize that they now live in a society that is hostile to any values system except pluralism, and that pluralism must destroy the old America in order to grow. Even more, they do not realize that people are going along with this because we now live in a society of thousands of laws, none of which favor the person who stands up for what is right against what is convenient.”

     The case is made then, that pluralism will be an acid undermining any form of democracy, as the various groups all strive to protect their tribal interests (excluding deracinated Anglo-Saxons, who as a group have racial amnesia), and most importantly, will undermine all conservative values. This point has not yet been grasped by conservatives, who recoil in horror at any suggestion that we are in a time of anarcho-tyranny, and that the old order has completely broken down.

     However, the reality of the coming chaos can be seen in news items that are published by the minute. It is just taking a little time for the grand old elephant of the West, to keel over and die.



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Monday, 19 April 2021
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