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Scotland’s Sexually Slavery By Paul Walker

     Children in Glasgow Scotland are being sold by their parents into sexual slavery, which is even more shocking than the grooming gangs which have preyed on thousands of White children in decaying England:

“CHILDREN as young as primary school age are being sold for sex on the streets of Glasgow, an investigation has revealed.
Community groups in Govanhill, one of Scotland’s most deprived areas, say Roma children are being sold by parents and relatives – and that the practice has been going on for decades.
But authorities have failed to take action for fear of being branded racist, says the publication – Govanhill has the highest Roma population in Scotland after a dramatic increase in 2004.
Govanhill has come under fire in the past for fly tipping and slum conditions.
Locals say they have seen girls and boys propositioning people as they walk through the streets at night, reports The Times.
Cops say child sex exploitation enquiries were carried out ten years ago but residents say the problem has re-emerged.”

     So, as in England, primarily with the Rotherham sex slavery grooming gangs of white children by Muslim men:
 the authorities did not take action because of fear of “racism.” Better to let rapes, tortures and other crimes occur than raise the demon of “racism,” to remain ideologically pure, and on the good side of the ruling elites.

     This is a measure of  how degenerate liberal culture has become, and why a backlash is needed against such madness, although it is not advised to hold one’s breathe whilst waiting.

Then there is this:



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Sunday, 12 July 2020
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