Save the Animals with Vaccines! By Brian Simpson

If Coviddy jumped species, then we had better get down and vaccinate every creature crawling over the surface of the earth. Wait …what about sea creatures? It is going to be a bit of a logistic problem getting a syringe into them, few will keep still long enough. But with the aid of Moby Dick, I am sure they will do it. Nothing must stop the Covid New World order, not even, Nature.

“With zero science to back up giving zoo animals China virus jabs, and zero animals testing positive for Covid, the Oakland Zoo and Denver Zoo are both moving forward, shooting up animals with toxic “inoculations” that cause blood clots and heart inflammation in humans. There are also no records of any animals transmitting Covid to humans, but since some pharma group “donated” a bunch of  jabs to some zoos, they figure why not add to the chaos and paranoia, and juice them up.

The vice president of veterinary services at the Oakland Zoo claims he’s utilizing “an abundance of caution…” vaccinating the animals for the virus – you don’t say? What’s next, social distancing for all animals and mandatory masks tied around their faces?

No animal has been proven by science to transmit Covid to humans, it’s all just part of the theatre.

Covid vaccines are NOT needed in pets or livestock. MSM tried to fake a test for a German shepherd in New York, but after lying and saying the dog tested positive, they had to retract the story and repost it admitting it tested negative. Plus, why would we believe any news out of China or from the CDC … ?

According to the CDC, the transmission of Covid from the zoo animals is possible, though they have no science or clinical data whatsoever to back up that claim. Aren’t we often reminded by the CDC to rely on science and not speculate? They must have gotten vaccinated and forgot.

Only a handful of animals have tested positive for Covid-19 and with all these fake and false positives from the PCR tests, who’s to know if any of it is even real.

It’s all smoke and mirrors folks. Smoke and mirrors. It’s a show to convince more Americans to go out and get the deadly Covid-19 jabs. …

Even in India, where they claim 8 lions tested positive for Covid-19, they too admit that there is no scientific evidence anywhere to be found that the animals could transmit the virus to humans, and that the variants the animals do have are not of concern.

And don’t you go worrying that the zoos are using up needed shots for humans, because the pharma companies claim these jabs are made especially for the zoo animals. Oh, really? Can we see those ingredients and clinical trials proving “safety and efficacy?” Do they cause blood clots and heart inflammation for the zoo animals, like they do for humans? Will 7,000 zoo animals die, like the 7,000 humans did that got Covid jabs so far?

It’s time to call out the CDC and the FDA on all their “evidence-based” and “science-backed” claims about medicine and virus treatments. They’ve been lying and degrading natural remedies and indigenous medicine for 100 years based on so-called scientific research and peer-reviewed studies, so let’s see all these studies on vaccines as of late. Put your money where your mouth is, big pharma.”

Well, blow me over; there I was thinking that there were years of testing and peer-reviewed studies on the animal vaccines, but no. Just as well there have been years of testing of the human vaccines, eh?




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Thursday, 29 July 2021
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