Salted Cosmopolitanism By James Reed

     Another day, another Bernard Salt article celebrating mass migration to Australia and its transforming, if not miraculous powers: “The Cosmopolitan Country,” at

     Australia is the most diverse country on earth, blah, blah,  and will get more diverse, forever, blah, blah.  It will never end and the enrichment will continue, as millions of migrants flow in over time, endlessly transforming us. Three cheers!  Once we were an Anglo-Saxon country, which was really a fate worse than death,  but tomorrow… well who know…we will be diverse, diverse, and even more diverse, if not the most diverse of the diverse in our diverse diversity,  and Asian, Asian, and more Asian, all at the same wonderful  time.

     “In Greater Melbourne, Perth and Sydney migrants comprise between 36 per cent and 39 per cent of the population (and even higher proportions in tighter definitions of these cities). This proportion in Greater New York is 37 per cent, in Paris it is 25 per cent, in Berlin it is 13 per cent, in Tokyo it is 2 per cent and in Shanghai it is less than 1 per cent. The Germans get all angsty when Berlin pushes much beyond the 13 per cent mark; Greater Sydney is sitting at 39 per cent and rising. And if we again include local residents with at least one parent born overseas, then 65 per cent of Sydney’s population is a migrant or closely connected to the migrant experience.

     I do not see how anyone can credibly make the case that Australians are fundamentally racist — racist incidents perhaps, but not fundamentally racist — when close to 40 per cent of the population in our biggest city consists of migrants. If Australians had a fundamental problem with migrants then the issue would have been brought to a head long before Sydney got to be a more cosmopolitan city than New York.”

    Another way of looking at this, is that the post War Anglos were the most cucked, deracinated people on the planet, and let this all happen. Just look back at the pathetic resistance to ideologies such as feminism, even by the christian churches, let alone immigration issues. It is as if these people were too lazy to save themselves. Imagine the Japanese embracing the ethno-diversity celebrated by Salt.  Or, the Chinese, or in fact, any of the migrant groups populating Australia. That is home, but Australia is just real estate to fill. And, fill it, the elites intend to do, until it bursts, or to vary the metaphor, becomes a burnt-out ecologically depleted shell.

     There is no doubt that on the migration question the elites have won. There is no fight out there. But, the consequences will be clear. The endless chain migration is now well under way, and in the future the Chinese will be electing their politicians. Chinese migration will dominate future migration, and a new homogeneous population will emerge here. Diversity, pluralism and multiculturalism will ultimately cease to exist.  Future “Australia” will be a colony of China, and this is really what we deserve. It is not as if we have not been warned, there is simply not the brains and guts of our cucked, deracinated population to resist.

     Many will consider, paradoxically, becoming migrants themselves over the decades, perhaps if a new White ethnostate can be set up in Russia, under its nuclear protection. There will be time to analyse what went wrong in experiments such as what was once known as “Australia.”

     To see that this is our fate, you need only look back to say 1967, and ask: could you see all that is written about here happening in 2017. No? Then what will 2057 look like, at the present pace of ethnoracial national suicide? For further discussion, in a Canadian context see: Ricardo Duchesne, “The Fall of British Vancouver and the Rise of ‘Pacific’ Canada,”



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Saturday, 31 October 2020
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