Safe Access to Abortions, At Last! By Mrs Vera West

     Who says that there is no “positive social change,” for now there will be safe access to abortions, putting those pesky protesting Christian critters, people like shameful old arthritis granny,  me, in their place, and isn’t about time people like that got what is coming to them? Thank God  - no, not God - for a progressive parliament:

“Protesters will face jail time for harassing people outside abortion facilities after NSW Parliament passed laws to impose 150-metre “safe access zones” around clinics and hospitals that provide terminations. The laws, which are aimed at ensuring the privacy and safety of women accessing clinics, passed easily and without amendment through the Legislative Assembly, with a final vote of 61 to 18 in favour. Labor MP Penny Sharpe, who co-sponsored the bill with Nationals MP Trevor Khan, welcomed its passaged as a “terrific day for women in NSW and the staff that work in reproductive health clinics”. The bill, which will amend the Public Health Act, will establish 150-metre “safe access zones” around abortion clinics, inside which it will be illegal to obstruct and harass people accessing clinics or record them without their consent. The most contentious provision, however, is the creation of a broad communication offence, which renders it illegal to make “a communication that relates to abortions, by any means”, that could cause “distress or anxiety” to a person accessing or leaving a clinic.”

     This is just the thing which the founding fathers, I mean “persons,” should have explicitly put in the Australian  Constitution. After all, the US Supreme Court found a right to gay marriage in their Constitution, so it must be buried deep there somewhere in ours, but, where? Liberal/feminist lawyers need to work 24/7 until they find this right as well. Think, Treasure Island.



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Tuesday, 22 September 2020
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