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Rounding Up, and Killing Bees By Brian Simpson

     I know a guy who does professional agricultural spraying in Victoria, and he told me that roundup is so good that he would drink it, if it did not have a bad taste. Also, he said that he only feels good when he is out spraying, breathing in all of the goodness. Maybe he should sit down and have one of these birds and bees talks with the bees, who may disagree:

     Wow, that made even the URL change colour:

“Bees could be dying as a result of exposure to the world’s most popular weed killer, new research suggests. Scientists found evidence that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, may be contributing to the decline of honey bees around the world. The study shows that worker bees exposed to the weed killer lose beneficial gut bacteria. This in turn is likely to leave the insects vulnerable to deadly infection by harmful bugs, the scientists believe. Lead researcher Erick Motta, from the University of Texas, US, said: “We need better guidelines for glyphosate use, especially regarding bee exposure, because right now the guidelines assume bees are not harmed by the herbicide. “Our study shows that’s not true.”

But Bayer, the parent company of Roundup’s makers Monsanto, denied the claims and said evidence showed its product was safe. Glyphosate is generally thought to be non-toxic to animals, including humans and pollinating insects. But in a test case last month a US jury found in favour of a groundsman who claimed glyphosate herbicides were partly to blame for his cancer. Dewayne Johnson is to receive $289 million (£226m) in damages from agrichemical giants Monsanto. The company, now owned by German pharmaceutical firm Bayer, has vowed to appeal and maintains that its glyphosate products are safe.”

     No doubt, this will still be argued about as the last bees bite the dust, and humans die of from the horseman of the apocalypse, starvation.



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Thursday, 28 May 2020
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