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Romping and Stomping about Nothing By Peter West

     Apparently, there will be a TV series Romper Stomper, based on the 1992 cult movie:

     The old movie’s plot can be easily summarised: bad, evil Nazis fight beautiful migrants. After one migrant is killed there is a big fight and the migrants kill lots of Nazis. Nazis flee, fight over girl. Leader dies on beach. The TV series, apparently, has the modification of the masked antifa, who are, it appears more beautiful than a mountain woodland, pure and fighting for anti-racism and immigration. That, anyway was the impression I personally  got from viewing the film clip. I could be wrong.

     Never mind that most of us have never even seen a skinhead/Nazi. Unless you claim that an old man like me, who walks with a stick is one! Well, I guess I am bald, with even less hair than a skinhead! Seriously, how can the antifa, viewed in the US as a terrorist group be seriously portrayed as heroes?

     Look at the violence they have committed and got away with, probably because they are the university sons and daughters of the ruling elite. People have been beaten up, property wrecked, and they are the heroes?

      Maybe the TV show will go further than what is available now, so I suppose the benefit of the doubt needs to be given, for the sake of fairness. There is only so much which can be given in a YouTube clip, so it is possible that the dark side of both groups could be portrayed. We will see.

     Overall, I do not see the Australian population having much interest in this. A show about cooking, or getting smashed on alcohol and drugs would be much more to the taste of the Australian plebs. The real problem with the Romper Stomper approach is that to make the bad guys even slightly believable, there needs to be some plausible critique of the multicult, but that would awaken some sleepers, especially young unemployed. Not smart.



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Monday, 25 May 2020
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