Robbing Robin Hood By Bruce Bennett

     The latest version of Robbin Hood (2018), has a dopey White guy as Robbin Hood, and an American black, Jamie Foxx, playing the ultra-cool Little John, the best Little John of all time, historically accurate, as we all know that Robin Hood existed:

     Shame on you Errol Flynn for deceiving us, with your swash buckling sword play and all that!!

     It is extremely disappointing that the movie elites are having any White people in any movies at all, let alone movies with some historical basis, since we know that Black people were the original founders of Europe, and Whites are just an optical illusion, the reflection of all colours. How can that be real?

     Hopefully, keeping with the changing demographics, Whites in movies,  will soon be gone. This, and much more, must be done to eliminate the scourge of racism, a creation entirely by us, for which we are eternally guilty:

     The zombie apocalypse TV show, The Walking Dead, still has the odd White, which is terrible, but at least it is getting on with the big agenda, of  ALL relationships being interracial or LGBT, although having an interracial LGBT is the best of all worlds:

     After climbing one politically correct mountain, there is always another horizon in this wonderfully diverse world. Until Whites disappear, then it is anyone’s guess what will happen without history’s punching bags. 



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Sunday, 25 October 2020
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