Revolution from Above By James Reed

     Revolution from Above, (Arktos, 2011) in a great book by Dr Kerry Bolton, a leading Alt Right theorist, and New Zealander.

     This is not a book review, because I cannot do justice to such a fine work given my own limitations, but I want to mention this book to readers, who perhaps may wish to follow it up if any topic crosses their path covered by the book.

     The thesis of the book is one which I think all writers at this site would agree with, namely that the Left communists, and the libtards, are the useful idiots of the global financial elite of the New World Order. The so-called noble causes of the lower level elite classes, such as women’s rights, homosexualism, mass migration, multiculturalism and the rest, serve the interests of control of the super-class of ultimate controllers. This thesis was advanced previously by Dr Antony Sutton, and Dr  Bolton elaborates upon it in great depth.

     Dr Bolton shows in a number of chapters how the socialist collectivism of the Marxist, and today of the cultural Marxist, blends in perfectly with the relentless pursuit of profit by the global financial elite. Thus, the traditional family stands in the way of creating a fully atomised economic ontology, so the family must go. Hence feminism, the attack upon traditional masculinity and all of the rest. Give some grants to academics, and they will scribble anything you want.

     You will find in Dr Bolton’s book a concise summary of all the mischief which globalist organisations like the Council on Foreign Relations get up to, such as the CFR support of communist China. (pp. 42-45)  As well, you will see how super-big business likes to fund revolutions and many things which at first seem counter-intuitively self-destructive, such as aiding the former Soviet Union. The globalists do not care about national survival and have only the supreme goal of global domination, like the villains in the classic James Bond movies, only more evil and scary, because they are real.

     There is also a concise account of the march of cultural Marxism through the West, especially in the form of the Frankfurt School of Critical theory. The core idea is to work Marxism into the cognitive structure of society, such as the schools and universities, which is something that has been now accomplished with disastrous results, for us. But, disaster is the name of the game, because their aim is to tear us down, especially by the sexual politics of “degeneracy,” as Dr Bolton calls it in chapter 8 of his book.

     The book does not give a blueprint for how to fight all of this. It is important in any battle to first be aware of who the enemy is, and what we face. We are in short, up against foes who would make the evil beings of most fiction look comical; ruthless, amoral, highly powerful, with control of all the world’s resources.  Needless to say, it will not be easy to beat them, but it will be fun trying. I can’t think of any better way to go down. Dr Bolton has been a leading light in informing us of our plight and we should all be most grateful for his service.



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Saturday, 12 June 2021
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