Research Discrediting BLM Retracted Because it was Correct! By Peter West

     This shows the level of anarcho-tyranny we now have when legitimate, and correct research get retracted because it just so happens to knock over the latest sacred cow of the pc establishment, namely that there is no police bias against Blacks:

“The authors of a study which found no racial bias in police shootings asked for the study to be retracted.  The main findings were:

“1) As the proportion of Black or Hispanic officers in a [fatal officer-involved shootings] increases, a person shot is more likely to be Black or Hispanic than White, a disparity explained by county demographics; 2) race-specific county-level violent crime strongly predicts the race of the civilian shot…” But the authors don’t want the study to be retracted because their findings were wrong. The data is sound. Rather, the authors of the study now feel that it is being used improperly in the debate about police killings. They don’t like that people are using their study to discredit the Black Lives Matter narrative.

What this means:

A professor who helped fund parts of the study was the victim of the Twitter mob a couple weeks ago. We talked about how Stephen Hsu was fired from his position as Vice President of Research and Innovation at Michigan State University, essentially for supporting academic freedom. We are all for police reform. We’ve discussed many of the needed reforms: ending qualified immunity, reigning in police unions, ending civil asset forfeiture, ending the drug war, and so on. But we’ve always been skeptical of the argument that the way police behave is all about race. And we are especially skeptical of movements like Black Lives Matter, which goes way beyond racial injustice and promotes a Marxist agenda.”

     Indeed, we are.

“Michigan State University (MSU) has driven out of a job one of its longtime professors who dared to go public with the results of a “controversial” study showing that there is no racial bias when it comes to police violence.
Physicist Stephen Hsu was basically forced out of his position by the school after demonstrating with facts that police officers abuse and terrorize people equally, as opposed to the false Black Lives Matter (BLM) narrative that only black people are victimized by cops. Hsu had gotten this information from fellow MSU psychology professor Joe Cesario, who explained during an interview “that the race of the officer doesn’t matter when it comes to predicting whether black or white citizens are shot.” Cesario’s study, which was published back in 2019, unequivocally concluded that “contrary to activist claims and media reports, there is no widespread racial bias in police shootings.” This conclusion is based on data-driven facts, it is important to note, not the opinions of either Hsu or Cesario. And yet these facts are being treated as a “hate crime” by MSU, which reportedly coerced Hsu into resigning from his position for the “crime” of bringing them to people’s attention. “The [Graduate Employees Union] (GEU) alleged that I am a racist because I interviewed MSU Psychology Professor Joe Cesario, who studies police shootings,” Hsu wrote on his blog following his forced resignation.

Police brutality is a problem for people of all skin colors. Cesario’s study was also cited in a June 3 Wall Street Journal op-ed piece entitled, “The Myth of Systemic Police Racism,” which further explains how the idea of race-based police violence is a misnomer driven by a political agenda. The reality of the situation is that police brutality is a serious problem in this country for all people. America’s tyrannical “drug war,” as one prominent example, has created a culture of contrived criminality where cops are excused for targeting otherwise innocent people for victimless crimes, this being why the United States has the highest incarceration rate among all other first world countries. There are many other non-race-based reasons why police brutality is a major problem in this country as well, and yet neither BLM nor Antifa seem interested in addressing them because it is pushing a pro-black, anti-white race war agenda. None of this was part of Cesario’s work, of course, but it is worth mentioning in light of the current conversation surrounding police reform. America has far too many unjust “laws” on the books that turn otherwise innocent people, often with black skin, into criminals, and these “laws” are what need to be abolished for the betterment of society.

Keep in mind that people with white skin are routinely persecuted – and yes, even killed – by rogue police officers who are never punished for their crimes. But because this goes against the official BLM narrative, to discuss it cannot be tolerated. “It is the union’s position that an administrator sharing such views is in opposition to MSU’s statements released supporting the protests and their root cause and aim,” reads a statement issued by GEU Vice President Acacia Ackles, illustrating this point. In other words, rather than update its “statements” to reflect actual science, MSU has instead silenced Hsu by ending his career at the school, as well as indicated that politically correct feelings, rather than facts, are the basis upon which the school crafts its policies. “One of the great paradoxes of our present time is that so-called ‘academics,’ and especially university administrators, are often the most narrow-minded, reactionary, and stupid people you will ever meet,” wrote one Zero Hedge commenter about the situation.”

     It cannot be said enough, that it has never been shown that the death of George Floyd was racially motivated. Sure, the death was as bad as you want to describe it, but it is highly likely, more likely than the racist hypothesis, that the white cop would have treated a crim of any colour who was resisting arrest the same way. The charge of racism has not been proven, but that did not prevent the mad, bad mobs from burning down everything they could, and looting the rest. Obviously, as with similar ferals across the world, they had been in their kennels for a long time and needed to smash things, and shed some blood, as they did.



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Thursday, 22 October 2020
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