Reflections on the Notre Dame Fire By Richard Miller

     It is said that the Notre Dame fire was not arson, and that those who think so are racist! Well, that ends the debate and speculation, like slamming into a brick wall. Still, the mind wanders:

Here is my translation, showing off the French I forgot from school:

“The frame, the roof and the spire of the cathedral are destroyed. It will now be necessary to evaluate the state of the structure. The fire came on Monday as major renovations were underway. (…) “The hotspots are the main obsession in a restoration work of this magnitude,” says the chief architect of historical monuments, François Chatillon, about Notre Dame. A simple weld on lead can heat the wood below. The chief architect of historical monuments responsible for the restoration of the spire of Notre Dame, Philippe Villeneuve, states: “the work had not started yet, only the scaffolding was being assembled.” From his point of view, “the hot spot hypothesis is therefore not the right one”.

     Ok, no workers were there, repair work had not yet started. Nor were members of the public able to wander through the site, unsupervised.

“The safety procedures on the Notre-Dame de Paris construction site “have been respected,” said one of the leaders of the scaffolding of the cathedral on BFMTV Tuesday, the day after the fire that ravaged the building. “All I can tell you right now is that at the start of the fire, absolutely none of the employees of my company was present on site,” said Julien Le Bras, adding that all employees of his company, Europe Echafaudage, participated in the inquiry “without any reservation”.

“One of my friends sent me an email concerning the security on the roof of Notre-Dame. She has a diploma in Art History and studied in the “Ecole du Louvre” (“Louvre School”, where students learn art history and restoration processes): “I visited the framing of Notre Dame with architects of the “Bâtiments de France” (“Buildings of France”, the highest rank for an architect in France), some years ago. This 13th century timber frame was extremely protected. Each intervention is always accompanied by historians, architects, experts; no work is envisaged without extreme caution; no source of heat, no torch, no electrical apparatus is allowed; a high-performance alarm system is in place; and very strict supervision of all people allowed there. I think we will eventually learn that this was arson.”

     If it was arson, then it is only natural to speculate about who did it? In the meanwhile, as people forget about the whole ugly affair, going on to be preoccupied by other horrors, we have the interesting  views of young Leftoids on the philosophical significance of the fire; we quote a typical statement:

“What were your feelings when you heard the news?
I thought it was sad but beautiful. It was an important lesson: Nothing lasts forever –– everything comes to an end. We’re watching the beginning of a new modernity; religion and the Church don’t have the same influence they did before, and it’s always a good thing when white men lose their power.

From a spiritual point of view, does this mean anything to you?
I saw the fire with my own eyes; it was really beautiful, as though Satan was speaking to us humans to say “The end of your world is coming!” I identify as queer or gay; I’m a spiritual person, and I believe in the same light that burned the cathedral. I think we need to burn all churches and get rid of all organised religions. We need to reconnect with spirituality, to understand that all human beings are equal so that we can finally all accept one another.

     In general, most of the young Left do not care about the fire, and think that the rebuilding money would be better spent on migrants. Well, if France goes that way I hope that the money presently spent on universities gets put towards an even better cause: migrants!

Authorised by K. W. Grundy
13 Carsten Court, Happy Valley, SA.



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Sunday, 25 July 2021
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