Real Fake News, Hot and Steaming, Warm and Wriggling By James Reed

     The mainstream media is busy pushing the false news narrative, including working this into its mind control politically correct cartoon shows. But, sometimes they get nailed so hard, that their hooves are pinned to the floor, and they scamper around the room, frantically trying to get free:

“An award-winning journalist who worked for Der Spiegel, one of Germany’s leading news outlets, has left the weekly magazine after evidence emerged that he committed journalistic fraud “on a grand scale” over a number of years, the publication said Wednesday. Spiegel published a lengthy report on its website after conducting an initial internal probe of the work of Claas Relotius, a 33-year-old staff writer known for vivid investigative stories. The magazine said Relotius resigned Monday after admitting some of his articles included made-up material from interviews that never happened. The Hamburg-based magazine said Relotius contributed almost to 60 articles published in print or online since 2011, first as a freelance writer before being hired full-time last year. The reporter previously worked for other German and Swiss publications and won numerous awards, including CNN Journalist of the Year in 2014.”

     Therefore, next time the normies raise the issue of “false news,” ask them to “please explain” stories like this one, if they dare. But wait, there is more!

“In yet another embarrassing and ironic example of fake science going viral, a study published last year in the Journal of Human Behavior that claimed too many people these days are spreading fake news on social media was recently retractedafter it was discovered that the paper contained fake data, presumably aimed at perpetuating the false narrative that fake news influenced Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential win. The researchers behind the now-debunked study tried to claim at the time that people’s short attention spans, as well as “information overload,” both contribute to an epidemic of fake news being shared on social media platforms like Facebook – which, as we reported around the same time, is itself guilty of spreading fake news in the name of supposedly trying to fight it.

According to reports, major errors in the retracted study led co-author Filippo Menczer, a professor of informatics and computer science at Indiana University, and his colleagues to falsely conclude that the spread of fake news on social media is much more problematic than it actually is – in effect debunking the mythical rumor that then-candidate Donald Trump somehow “stole” the election by employing Russian bots to spread fake news online. “Last spring, the researchers discovered the error when they tried to reproduce their results and found that while attention span and information overload did impact how fake news spread through their model network, they didn’t impact it quite enough to account for the comparative rates at which real and fake news spread in real life,” wrote Lilly Dancyger in an article for Rolling Stone that was also published by the New York Post.”

     I believe though, that false news is probably only the tip of the iceberg of social control. Manipulated news, or simply not even reporting stories at all, is a greater problem, one that makes the alternative press knights in the shining armour of truth.



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Wednesday, 21 October 2020
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