Raping Sweden’s Mind By Mrs Vera West

     Sweden is basically a running joke, a parody of political correctness, laughing all the way to the grave. For example, the authorities issue a warning that rape season is approaching, and that women should not go out alone:

     However, to further batter already emasculated white Swedish men, a new law on rape has it that one is essentially guilty until proven innocent:

“From July 1st having sex with someone without their explicit consent in Sweden will be illegal (the law will treat consent as possible either through words or clear actions). This means that unless the sex is fully voluntary, it will be considered a criminal act, whether or not violence or threats were used. There will also no longer be a need to prove intent for some very serious sex crimes, which means an alleged offender could be convicted even if he or she did not actively intend to rape the victim. “This is just one step out of many to reach the goal that each human being’s sexuality is fully respected,” said Maria Arnholm, a member of the Liberal Party, in the parliamentary debate. The punishment for aggravated rape and rape of a child will be increased from a minimum of five years in jail, as opposed to the current four years. Parliament also urged the government to put forward a proposal to increase the punishment for rape in general to three years’ imprisonment. The centre-left government had clarified some parts of the draft legislation after the Council on Legislation said that it was too unclear and difficult to know in advance what the new law considered illegal or not.”

     The Vikings are now long dead and forgotten. It goes to show that socialism can rot the racial soul of almost any people.



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Saturday, 27 November 2021
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