Rape and Moral Panic By Mrs Vera West

     Once upon a time, rape was a serious crime, punishable by death. Today, especially in Europe, rape is a racial and politically correct construction

     We even find community service being given for horrendous rapes:

     Of course, as in Rotherham, initially covered up by the police for fear of ‘racism,” the race/immigration issue trumps the crime of rape of perhaps a million British children:

     This is like no war that has ever been committed, truly astonishing stuff, which is still going on:

     The present moral panic about powerful Hollywood figures sexually assaulting actresses, is of course important, and there may well be many cases of sexual assault needing prosecution. Nevertheless, there has also emerged many “I am a victim, too” cases, a few involving infringements such as propositions, and hands on knees. Really?  In my day, young ladies would deal with unwanted advances with a good swift slap!

     It is important that the crime of rape/sexual assault be regarded as heinous, and deserving the strongest of punishments, to protect women. Thus, attempts to widen, and thus degrade the idea, must be resisted by all good people, men and women:



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Thursday, 13 August 2020
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