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Rambo Last Blood: Should be Given 50 Stars! By John Steele

     I don’t go to movies, and haven’t seen this one, but that little fact should not stop me posting a 50-star review of this exquisite movie. I have seen the clip, and know what happens, so I am good to go. And, I mean to say, something should be done to counter the Leftoid’s panning of this movie which they see as a Trumpesque, toxic masculinity fantasy, which in my view makes it great stuff, mate. Yeah, guns, knives, what is there not to like?

“As for the usual jingoistic chest-thumping, that’s saved for a climactic voiceover. But Last Blood‘s  basic takeaway — that heroes wear white hats and bad guys have brown skin — will be trumpeted throughout the whole bloody affair, from beginning to things-go-boom end. This is apparently what a Rambo movie circa 2019 now means. The man-vs.-cartel action you crave will be smothered in irresponsible fearmongering. The taste of toxicity will overwhelm whatever pulpy grindhouse pleasures you might have experienced. A franchise that started off with a sense of betrayal and righteous anti-authoritarian anger ends by parroting authoritarian talking points that betray what this country is about.”

     Nar … that’s just bs Don’t you like how these Leftists always rattle on about their definition of the country, conveniently eliminating any alternative conceptions? The Left love to see all of Mexico as a haven of love, and the drug cartels as some sort of pharmaceutical social workers, bringing in the good times. But there is illusion, and there is reality, and although Rambo is a comic, it is closer to reality than say the garbage that the progressives serve out.

     I love the Rambo movies, identifying with the character as a fellow Viet vet, and someone almost as crazy as John Rambo with PTSD, my only friend. I have all of the Rambo knives, and am writing this with one in my hand now. And these magnificent pieces of steel go on eBay at a reasonable price, so if you want to be an urban legend in your own mind too, well go for it. The latest Rambo knife, featured on buses advertising the movie is called “The Heart Stopper,” and it is a mighty fine piece of steel. I tried to insert a URL to the Rambo knives but it ran too long. Anyway:

“The latest chapter in Sylvester Stallone’s nearly 40-year-old franchise, Rambo: Last Blood, is under attack by woke critics as “racist” and “problematic.” Apparently, the mistake Stallone made was making a movie that dares to reflect real life, which is something movies are only supposed to do when the villains are white, Christian males, preferably from the Deep South or a country with a name that ends with “vakia.” But no, Stallone decided instead to reflect a real life crisis involving Mexican drug cartels, which means Mexicans are the bad guys. These censorious scolds are tedious and exhausting, but also revealing. They are angry over a movie that explores a very real problem, a movie that asks us to pay attention to the sex slavery that is happening along our own border, and their only argument for this censorship is “racist!” In a sane world where people actually wanted to stop sex-trafficking, , Rambo V would be lauded for “raising awareness” about the horrors of Mexican cartels and sex slavery. But when raising that kind of awareness interferes with the left’s goal of flooding the country with illegal Democrats to turn Texas blue — can’t have that.”

     If you have money and like action, see this movie as a political protest against the Leftist regime. Maybe even buy a Rambo knife or two.



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Thursday, 09 July 2020
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