Rallying Behind the Veil-Lifting Doctor By Richard Miller

     People seem to be getting behind the British doctor who was dragged over metaphorical broken glass and drawn and quartered and all the things that medieval English did, that are in a way now back on the menu. Oh, this doctor committed the unforgivable sin for the new regime:

“More than 11,000 people have rallied behind a doctor under investigation for asking a Muslim woman to remove her veil during an appointment. Supporters have signed an online petition in huge numbers demanding Dr Keith Wolverson, 52, keep his job to 'protect his reputation'. The petition also called on the General Medical Council (GMC) to 'treat this man fairly and look at all the evidence' after it was revealed a complaint had been made to them by the patient following the incident at Royal Stoke University Hospital. The doctor said he is unable to find work and is planning to quit medicine and retrain as a cosmetic practitioner. Dr Wolverson claims the woman did not object when he ‘politely’ asked her to remove the face covering, adding he only asked because he was struggling to understand what she was saying about her sick daughter. But her husband later made a complaint and last week the locum GP was shocked to receive a letter from doctors’ regulator the General Medical Council. It said that he was being investigated over allegations of racial discrimination which could result in him being struck off.

The GMC said it never confirmed whether doctors were under investigation unless they were given conditions or suspended, neither of which has happened to Dr Wolverson at this stage. According to GMC guidelines, doctors are supposed to treat patients' beliefs and religious dress 'with respect' and consider 'any potential for distress, discomfort and feelings of vulnerability' if asking a patient to expose part of their body. Doctors are allowed to ask a Muslim woman to remove a veil if they feel they have no other option, but must continue as normal if she refuses or is in distress. Since the incident at a walk-in centre at Royal Stoke University Hospital last June Dr Wolverson has been unable to work there, and he now plans to walk away from medicine – despite an unblemished 23 years in general practice. ‘Unfortunately I’m not able to work at the moment as I’m a locum GP and no-one will employ you while you’re under investigation by the GMC,’ he said. ‘I feel I’ve been left with no alternative but to look at doing something else.”

     Of course, this regime will retire all of the white doctors so that white English people will just have to stop being racists and get down on their knees and confess their white privilege. In fact, I feel like doing it now. Churches will be a great aid, or is it aids, in helping whites confess the sins of whiteness, the true original sin:

     Yep, I just typed this in a raving diatribe, Googled and blow me over, there was something up along these lines to cite.

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Sunday, 05 April 2020
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