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Raising the Red Flag of War and Jihad By Peter West

     The countdown is on to the big one, when Iran finishes mourning and retaliates for the assassination of General Qassem Soleimani against the US. Already, Iran has raised, for the first time in history, a red flag over the Holy Dome of Jamkaran Mosque believed to be a warning of a battle to come, which could be conventional war, or more likely, a type of 4th generational, unconventional conflict involving terrorist cells.

     Some articles are speculating that the US power grid, vulnerable at the best of times, may be attacked, and other articles indicate that Iranian hackers are already hacking  some US sites, such as the Federal Depository Library program’s website. This was hacked and the homepage replaced with Iranian propaganda. Admittedly, this was a soft target, but it could be a warning of what is to come:

     Mike Adams has summarised what the terrorists could do:

“America’s infrastructure was not constructed with any real sense of making it resistant to domestic terrorism attacks. For example:
•    Power grid substations are right out in the open and can be easily attacked with long range rifles from 1-2 miles away.
•    Water deliver systems use open air canals and river sources that can be easily mass poisoned.
•    Food deliveries can be easily disrupted or contaminated by targeting food distribution hubs.
•    There are zero defenses right now against airborne biological, chemical or radiological weapons delivered via drones or even small planes.
•    Fuel refineries can be easily targeted with mortars or long-range rifle fire.
•    Improved explosives (or suicide vests) can be used to bomb large numbers of civilians who gather in public places such as concerts, subways or movie theaters.
•    Biological weapons are undetectable and can be released almost anywhere, with zero traceability. Thanks to CRISPR gene editing technology, almost anyone can whip up a bioweapon in their own basement, with minimal funding or technical expertise.

Thus, if Iran activates its terror cells across America, any rational person should fully expect to see disruptions in the power grid, water systems, food deliveries and fuel infrastructure. These disruptions may be localized and possibly short-lived, but if large scale attacks are coordinated among several cells, a city like Los Angeles, for example, could be brought to its knees with simultaneous disruptions of water, fuel, electricity and food. Given that some U.S. cities are already on the verge of collapsing into total chaos on any given day — L.A., Detroit, Chicago, Miami, etc. — it actually wouldn’t take much to tip these cities into spiraling chaos and lawlessness.”

     There is not much available about threats to Australia yet, but if things continue to go pear-shaped, all of the above will be applicable to Australia as far as I can see. All cities would be vulnerable in an all-out jihad against the West. But, don’t panic, it has got happened yet. However, the main problem is that Western people, including Australians are not prepared for existential threats, living lives of quiet passive comfort and consumerism, compared to people living mere decades ago:

“Making matters worse, America is a culture populated by hyper-privileged, entitled snowflakes who go into a panic when they misplace their cell phones. Most Americans have zero preparedness plans and think the idea of storing food for an emergency is “tin foil hat crazy.” Similarly, few Americans know where to find a backup supply of water or how to filter that water and make it safe to drink. The vast majority of Americans have no spare cash whatsoever — not even emergency money — and they have no means to defend themselves or live in any sustainable way that doesn’t rely on constant artificial inputs from outside the cities. As I’ve explained before, cities are artificial constructs that rely on a steady stream of food, electricity, fuel, bandwidth and water to survive. When any one of those is cut off, cities begin to rapidly collapse into chaos and panic. There’s no doubt that Iran’s terror cells will be counting on this “chaos factor” when they plan their upcoming attacks. From their point of view, America is a weak culture of pathetic snowflakes who are easy to send into a panic because they live cushy, comfortable lives and have never faced real hardship like those who live in the Middle East. They’re not entirely wrong in this assessment, by the way: The average American — with a few exceptions such as soldiers, fire fighters, police officers, EMTs, etc. — has never seen anything close to the carnage that will unfold when Iran activates a domestic war against America on U.S. soil. America has become weak. It’s true. The snowflakian utopia of “Libtardia” has finally arrived.”

     That will be an even worse scenario than a conventional military war, since a 4th generation asymmetrical series of terrorist battles will directly target the ordinary people, who often, but not always, escape the worst of wars. Not any more, unfortunately. The president of the globalist, Council on Foreign Relations, Richard N. Haass, has said that the world is about to be transformed into a battle field. Oh well, Trump did have his obligations to his wealthy donors, so get ready for chaos. What else?



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Tuesday, 26 May 2020
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