Racist Robots! By Brian Simpson

     The so-called transhuman movement looks forward to the perfectibility via uploading human consciousness into robot bodies, or so the high tech fantasy goes. Behind all of this is an agenda of eliminating the most undesirable aspect of the human condition for a cosmopolitan: race. But, what if robots turned out to have an emergent “racism” all of their own? That would throw a spanner into the globalist works:

“A look at a new study that reveals how AI robots can independently develop prejudices like racism and sexism. Robots can develop prejudices like "racism and sexism" all on their own, a shocking new study has found. Artificial intelligence experts performed thousands of simulations on robot brains, revealing how they split off into groups and treat "outsiders" differently. Computer scientists and psychologists from Cardiff University and the USA's MIT teamed up to test how robots identify each other. But they also tested how they copy and learn behaviors from each other, too. The study, published in Scientific Reports, showed that virtual simulated robots would shun others, forming their own groups. The experiment involved a "give and take" system, where robots could choose which of their peers to donate to. As the virtual game unfolders, individuals would learn new donation strategies by copying other robots – to benefit themselves. It found that robots would donate to each other within small groups, denying outsiders to improve their own takings.

"By running these simulations thousands and thousands of times over, we begin to get an understanding of how prejudice evolves and the conditions that promote or impede it," explained co-author Professor Roger Whitaker, of Cardiff University. "Our simulations show that prejudice is a powerful force of nature and through evolution, it can easily become incentivized in virtual populations, to the detriment of wider connectivity with others." The professor explained that the study even showed how "prejudicial groups" accidentally led to outsiders forming their own rival groups, "resulting in a fractured population". He added: "Such widespread prejudice is hard to reverse."

The study explained how learning these prejudicial behaviors didn't require a lot of mental power. Instead, it was simply a matter of copying others based on their "give and take" game success, which inevitably led to prejudice. According to the scientists behind the project, it's possible that once robots are widespread, they could pick up common human prejudices. Cardiff University noted that robots risked exhibiting prejudice like "racism and sexism". Professor Whitaker said: "It is feasible that autonomous machines with the ability to identify with discrimination and copy others could in future be susceptible to prejudicial phenomena that we see in the human population. "Many of the AI developments that we are seeing involve autonomy and self-control, meaning that the behavior of devices is also influenced by others around them."

     This would be sweet irony if the machines that the globalists seek to replace us with, once obtaining higher intelligence, decided that it was the globalists who were the real threats, and being totally rational, took the totally rational course of action.



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Sunday, 25 October 2020
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