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Race: The Universal Solvent By Chris Knight

     Two academics have come out and presented a dry paper which essentially says that the main force dividing America, and by extension, the rest of the West, is race. Surprise, surprise, I thought that is was which is best; chocolate or vanilla icecream:

“Growing antipathy between supporters of the two major U.S. parties, a phenomenon labeled affective polarization, has been well documented. One of the most compelling explanations for this trend concerns partisan sorting on the basis of a host of salient group identities in the electorate, including religion, class, ideology, race and perhaps others. We propose a narrower catalyst is at work: affective polarization is driven mostly by the increasing overlap between racial and partisan schemas in the mind of the average citizen. We test the implications of this claim using three studies. First, time series evidence from the American National Election Studies reveals the influence of racial attitudes on partisan affect has grown more rapidly than that of non-racial attitudes. Second, an original implicit-association test demonstrates respondents with racialized party schemas display much more affective polarization. Third, matches between a respondent’s race and their perception of party produce more affective polarization, unlike perceived matches between parties and religious or class identity.”

     The actual paper “Blue is Black and Red is White? Affective Polarization and the Racialized Schemas of U.S. Party Coalitions,” by Nicholas Valentino and Kirill Zhirkov, goes to a few words short of 10,000, meaning that it may soon be a book. But, the conclusions are clear enough, with almost all news item covered, having some feature leading back to the racial divide. Then, it all falls apart:

“2050” is arriving much sooner than expected. In many ways, it’s already here. Non-Hispanic Whites are already a minority among citizens 10-years-old and younger. Analysis suggests that Whites will become a minority in the United States population by 2031—almost 15 years before the census estimate—and a minority of U.S. voters by 2044, foretelling major political changes in the immediate future.” Bill Clinton’s 1998 prediction, of an America in the year 2050 where Whites are a minority, appears to be on a track to arrive much earlier. Analysis of demographic data suggests that 2031 is the new “2050.” Even the voting population, which lags significantly in demographic change, is on track for a White minority by 2044. This “2050” America has already arrived for children born in 2007 and later. Beyond elections and party coalitions, “2050” foretells deeper, even philosophical changes to American politics and the American nation. Why should anyone take for granted freedom of speech, rule of law, environmental protection, and the peaceful transitions of power, when such values are uncommon in the home countries of recent immigrants? Why, indeed, should one have much confidence in the perseverance of “conservative values,” like gun rights, personal liberty, the nuclear family, private property, and the free-market? If demography is destiny, then America is fast approaching a radically different destination than what its founders intended.”

     So, who is going to control the nuclear bombs? If the United States becomes part of Mexico, will the rest of the world be happy with the world’s largest nuclear firecrackers being in their careful hands? The creation of a white minority America, and the West, is proceeding faster than the overjoyed elites even expected. But, when capitalism and wealth disappear, and the world comes to resemble something out of The Walking Dead, perhaps from a nuclear war, or simple accident, will they be contended then?



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Friday, 29 May 2020
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