Professor Chang Unleashes on China By James Reed

Professor Gordon Chang, who is obviously Chinese, has some stern things to say about the US-China trade war, relevant to us in little old Oz too. China, he says lies, chats and steals, so trader beware:

  •     “[I]t is especially difficult to trade with a thief, especially when the thief views commercial contact as an opportunity to steal more.... This crime is essential to the achievement of the extraordinarily ambitious Made in China 2025 initiative [to dominate 11 crucial technology sectors].
  •     By his silence, Liu allowed Trump to think he had a deal when, in reality, he did not. So Trump made a real concession — the tariff deferral — for a promise that was not a promise.
  •     [T]he "engagement" of China is Washington's "greatest foreign policy failure." – Arthur Waldron, University of Pennsylvania.
  •     If all this were not bad enough, Xi's future plans are especially pernicious... Americans are going to have to make a choice: take Chinese money or maintain a free marketplace of ideas. The disengagement of the two economies is, of course, unfortunate, but it is necessary as China presses Americans and leaves them no choice if they are to defend freedoms and sovereignty.
  •     On October 11th, Beijing harvested another big benefit. Trump agreed to defer a tariff increase scheduled for the following Tuesday. Having gotten what it wanted, China then began to play hardball. On October 17, Beijing denied it had made a commitment to buy $40 billion to $50 billion of American farm products.
  •     Judging from Beijing's breaking one more trade arrangement in recent days, it is evident the communist regime in China is not able to work with the United States — or any other country for that matter. So let's not trade with a China that lies, cheats, and steals.

     Good for the US if it can still maintain its freedom. But alas, Australia does not have the political will or strength to resist China, and anyway, our elites decided long ago, with the end of the white Australia policy that Australia would defect from the West and become a colony of Asia. And, that is what we are.



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Wednesday, 29 September 2021
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