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Primary Principles. by David Smith

     The quote from Sir Samuel Wadham (either above or below) is a statement of the primary importance of agriculture and farming to nations and peoples as a whole. Whilst I take the point he is making about farming being a biological activity rather than industrial activity, I believe it was given the term primary industry to show its primacy over all other forms of industry, primary meaning first in importance or original, and also, that from which all other [forms of industry] rely on and are derived from.

     To be a viable nation state requires first and foremost that we be able to independently sustain ourselves with the necessities of life, food and clothing. This is the reason so many men were told in 1939-45, you cannot go to war, you are an essential industry for the war effort here at home. This included those from both primary and secondary industries. Essential; of primary importance once again.

     During a drought in the Howard years of Government when I understand we had 240,000 farmers, former leaders of the Nationals Doug Anthony and John Anderson advocated paying farmers in debt to leave the land, thus transferring the asset of the farm plus all monies paid to banks as interest, to the banks, then giving a payout to the farmer from taxpayers to leave the land.” We don’t need 240,000 farmers, half that many in today’s modern “scientific” farming scene would be better.” Well today we are being told the same lie again, except the only buyers will be China and big corporate interests, whose only interests lie in profits and or feeding their own people, not the nurture of the soil and the feeding and clothing of Australians as their primary function. The Morrison Parliament would have us believe the same lie again, their primary concern being that the banks get their pound of flesh. It is the money power that owns and directs the policies of the Liberal and National parties even more so than the Labour party. They don’t give a damn about who owns Australia or our primary means of life and sustenance, or our essential services and industry, they are traitors all. They have already shown their true colours in the sale of most of our essential services and some of our best farming land, leaving redundant our men and women who know and understood it. If Australians were their primary concern they would tell the banks to write off the debts and direct them to issue credits to farmers to keep their hopes, their pride, their dignity alive when this extraordinary drought is trying to take  their all.

     Our politicians have proved themselves globalists to the core. They, and the leadership of the Christian churches, will not address the problem of the money changers holding sway over the Temple of God in each and every human life, not just restricted to farmers. It matters not one iota to them whether Chinese or French or Yanky corporate giants own Australia whilst our farmers are herded into destitution in the cities once more, as happened to our fathers in “the clearances” several hundred years ago, and also why rural towns all across the country are dying. One exception I would make to this is the rural hero of North Queensland, Bob Katter of the Queensland KAP party who in a quote from the Cairns news advocated interest rate relief as a positive step in the current crisis, also stating;- . “Clearly it is the intention of the NFF, and their political wing, the National Party, to get rid of another half of our farmers. The farmers are doing it tough? Their solution: get rid of the farmers”.

     Until we, the people, reject the debt money system as enjoyed by the banks and their lackies  in Government, the sellout of our nation will continue till we are slaves in our once proud independent nation. Honesty in our voting without looking for the lesser of two evils is the key, and accountability expected of those we put in our parliaments. This has all been said before, brilliantly by Jeremy Lee in his book Australia 2000 What Will We Tell Our Children. I quote from page 231

     ”It is now 66 years since the commemorative  Encyclical “Quadragesimo Anno” drew attention to the evil of those who held a monopoly of credit” so none dare breathe against their will”…. There can be no solution to the global crisis until the money-merchants have been thrown out of the temple. Will Australians play their part in the battle for their nation and the world? What will they tell their children? Whether they finally “took up arms against a sea of troubles”? In Christ’s words: “… to what shall I compare this generation? It is like children sitting in the market places, who call to other children….  Mathew 11:16



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Friday, 29 May 2020
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