President Harris, First Indian Hindu President By Charles Taylor

While the media are going crazy with the idea that there is now a Black woman, soon to replace senile Joe Beijing Biden, which was the transparent plan all along, hence a senile candidate was perfect, we should ask; who is Harris? Well, racially and culturally Kamala Harris is Indian, and was raised as a Hindu, so she is not African American at all, but they did not tell Black folks that.

Her story shows that she is ruthless in her pursuit of power, like them all, and will do whatever her superior elites tell her to do. She will be going after American Second Amendment rights, via Executive Orders, which most Americans will ignore, having stocked up on enough guns and ammo to see then through this zombie apocalypse, no other word for post-Trump America now.

The only good news here is that Harris is despised widely, especially by Black males, putting thousands behind bars, in unjust sentencing. It will be a weakness that never got exploited because senile Beijing Joe was the chief clown. But her time will come. The Demoncrats will have to cheat even more to get her over the line, next time.

Finally, I am pleased to say that Trump supporters are now taking to the streets to protest the Deep State coup, all ignored by the mainstream media, of course. I hope that they remember to protest outside of all the courts, just to let the judges know what is at stake. At the least, a new election should be called early next year, with voting fraud eliminated.

Ballot Lives Matter! Stop the Steal!

I agree with the above, and was calling Trump out back in 2017. However, this is different, because the protesters are about the evils of the Democrats, and Trump is really incidental, but that writer cannot see that.



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Sunday, 05 December 2021
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