Prepping at the World’s End By John Steele

     Many of my brother paranoid doomsters are stocking up big in anticipation of nuclear war over the North Korea situation:,

not to forget about old faithfuls such as global economic collapse:

     I have covered the nuclear war angle before at this site, but in this note, want to add a womanly touch, if this is possible from an old salt like me. There is more to survivalism than just grub and guns. There is the personal hygiene and toiletry issues, something men writers don’t go near, including yours truly.

     However, an excellent book, which appears to be published in Australia, written by a woman: Holly Drennan Deyo, Dare to Prepare (West Australian Texas Trading, Ballarat), covers all of these bases. You can learn how to make soap from scratch, or thereabouts, and find out the best off-grid toilet, and thousands of useful facts and homespun wisdom:

     Contrary to television and film, the things most likely to kill you after the collapse are disease, malnutrition and mundane events like lack of safe drinking water:



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Tuesday, 22 September 2020
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