Pregnancy Kills; Abortion Saves Lives, So Abort Every Pregnancy! By Mrs Vera West

     No pay wall for this one, so they must want us to read it.

“Pregnancy is a life-threatening condition. Women die from being pregnant. We have known that for thousands of years. They die from hemorrhage, infection, pre-eclampsia (which can lead to fatal seizures), obstructed labor, amniotic fluid embolism, thromboembolism, a ruptured uterus, retained placenta, hydatidiform mole, choriocarcinoma and many other causes that fill the obstetrics textbooks. Modern medicine can prevent and treat many, but not all, of these conditions. Some potentially fatal problems cannot be foreseen or prevented. Pregnancy always comes with some irreducible risk of death. There are factors that put some women at higher-than-average risk of death from pregnancy: age (to be an early adolescent is more dangerous), high blood pressure, many previous pregnancies, diabetes, obesity, a history of cesarean delivery, uterine abnormalities, a scarred cervix, a placenta previa (in which the placenta covers the cervix). A placenta previa can result in sudden, catastrophic hemorrhage that is fatal, and it can require a cesarean delivery — which carries its own risks — since a normal vaginal delivery is impossible. The measure of risk to a woman’s life from pregnancy itself is called the “maternal mortality ratio.” That is the number of women who die of causes related to or aggravated by pregnancy per 100,000 live births.”

     Ok, the fallacy of reason here is hat if there is some danger, don’t do it. By that statistic, one should not engage in capitalism, since the odds of injury and death from industrial accidents is way higher.

     Seriously, in the West the odds of dying from child birth are minimised by modern technology, especially C-sections:

     Anyway, the author of the NYT piece is by Warren M. Hern:

“Dr. Hern is a physician and epidemiologist who specializes in late-abortion services.” Oh, thanks for that disclosure of interest! But as well this late term abortionist also claims that humans are now an ecological cancer:

“The human species is an example of a malignant ecotumor, an uncontrolled proliferation of a single species that threatens the existence of other species in their habitats.”

     I guess if you believe that, being a late-term abortionist makes sense. Of course, that truth is not taken to heart personally, for wouldn’t someone who consistently believed that humans are a cancer, end up committing suicide? Not that I would want this, but doesn’t his position lead far beyond abortion to the need to cull the human race to save nature? If not, why not?



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Tuesday, 22 September 2020
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