Precious Snowflake Ivanka By Charles Taylor

     Not only is there Jared working away at Trump, not that he needs much to crumble, but Trump’s spoilt sick princess daughter, Ivanka, has been an active force, working for basically Democrat leftist ideas. First, more refugees, now gun control. Anyone would think that she wanted her old man to lose the election and for some crazy Democrat to destroy what remains of America, while dear daddy is locked in a cage to perish.

“Ivanka Trump is reportedly calling members of Congress to feel out various gun control proposals and to figure out what needs to be done in order to get them passed. Axios reports that Ivanka “has quietly been calling lawmakers since the El Paso and Dayton massacres to gauge their openness to movement on gun legislation when Congress returns.” These calls reportedly included a conversation with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), who is preparing to reintroduce the universal background check bill he and Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) pushed after the Sandy Hook Elementary School attack. One of Manchin’s aides told Axios, “[Ivanka] was trying to get a sense of what bills are out there. She had him explain how they drafted the bill, where it stands and what changes needed to be made in order for it to pass.” The Washington Post reported Manchin saying Trump called him August 5 and “the two spoke again on [August 6], when Trump said he wanted legislation before September, when the Senate is scheduled to return.”

     Hopefully both Ivanka and Trump himself will get defeated by the Republicans coming to their senses in time and rejecting this attempt to wholesale ban firearms by allowing Leftist new classers to classify anyone as insane. Doubt me? Consider:

“During a segment on the Alex Jones show recently, Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, made an observation that some listeners may have dismissed as ‘crazy’ or ‘impossible.’ In discussing a so-called ‘national red flag law’ which would empower local courts and law enforcement to seize guns from people deemed “mentally ill” and thus dangerous, Adams predicted that such a regulation would be greatly abused and serve as a primer for Leftist political leaders to bypass the Second Amendment. What’s more, Adams said, the Left would actually claim that anyone who is a gun owner, by the definition alone, is ‘crazy’ and thus already mentally unstable, which would give authorities the excuse they need to take away guns from as many Americans as possible. “The idea of a red flag law is so incredibly dangerous to our republic for this very reason,” Adams began. “Once it is passed, either at a state level or a federal level, if it is passed, Leftists will claim that anyone who wants to own a gun is mentally unstable. “And therefore, anybody who wants to own a gun should not be able to own a gun because of red flag laws,” he continued. “So you see, this is a Catch 22. If you want to own a gun, you’re obviously mentally unstable and should not be allowed to own a gun and the only people who should be allowed to own guns are people who don’t want to own guns.”

     Of course, Trump the chump will let this happen, just as under his watch illegal immigration was the greatest that the US has ever seen. As Mike Adams observes here, Civil War II is inevitable:



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Thursday, 24 September 2020
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