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It is after 3 am and I should be asleep but heard on the radio earlier tonight that the cruise missiles launched against Syria cost the government $US60 million.
This is utter nonsense! What about the cost of two warships put to sea fully crewed with trained personal?

Using chemical weapons against ANYBODY is also to be deplored but was that also ‘false news’ to effect regime change?
I am sorry to suggest that Donald Trump appears no different to predecessors Obama, Bush, and those other twerps, Brown, Blair and David ‘what’s his name’?
The Australian Prime Minister also supports these ‘war-mongers’.

All they want is ‘regime change’ as they did with other dictators in the Middle East and that solves nothing for the masses of people caught up in the shit of ‘world politics’.
This is behind the ‘mass immigration’ wave, swamping the indigenous populations in peaceful states and all sanctioned by the United Nations. Another bloody oxymoron!

Who really benefits from the missile strikes?
The ‘armaments industry’ of the United States?
The bankers financing both countries?
Maybe Israel? … Now there’s a touchy subject!
It is certainly not the people underneath the bombs!

It is not civilians or armies who make war but small minded politicians after the stage is set! Who sets the stage?
A big question to be answered.

Maybe the answer is here …



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Saturday, 31 October 2020
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