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Pope Francis, The Pope of No Hope By Peter West

     I am really getting to dislike this guy. If I wasn’t a Christian, I would have said a stronger word, like “hate.” But, you know the story, it’s not what we do. We love, but as I am full of original sin, I “dislike,” imperfect as I am. So, what has this bozo done now?

    Just to be sure I get this right, let me quote from the news service:

“Two leading theologians close to Pope Francis have said that American evangelicals and hard-line Catholics have a worldview that is “not too far apart’’ from jihadists. Their article in the journal Civilta’ Cattolica, which has outraged religious conservatives in the US, goes on to accuse right-wing Catholics and Christians of making an unholy pact with President Trump, and of deepening political polarisation in the United States. Some experts have interpreted the article as a call from Pope Francis himself for the church to dissociate itself from the US administration’s right-wing policies on everything from climate change to migration. Pope Francis has previously hit out at President Donald Trump’s proposals to build a wall between Mexico and the US – a policy the pontiff had said was not Christian. The Vatican has refrained from commenting on the article. But Vatican expert Nello Scavo, author of four books on the current pope, told me he thought the article had Francis’s backing. Authors have the ear of the Pope ‘I doubt very much that Francis doesn’t approve of this article’ “I doubt very much that Francis wasn’t aware of this article — or that he doesn’t approve of it. He’s very close to both of the authors. And he’s had three weeks to criticise it if he’d wanted to,” he said.” Of course, the Pope did not want to; his silence is an endorsement".

     These comments need to be understood next to the Pope’s welcoming of an “Arab invasion” into Europe, which he sees as a “good thing”:

     As well, the Pope also said that we cannot speak of Islamic violence without speaking about “Catholic/Christian violence”:

     These remarks effectively deny that Islamic terrorism exists at all, even after the barbarous assassination of Fr. Jacques Hamel in his church while celebrating the Holy Mass. This is either the ultimate in cucked/cowardly behaviour, or it is something else, even more worrying. Sometimes turning the other cheek can lead to one having their throat cut.

     Houston, or should we say Rome, we have a problem:



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Tuesday, 26 May 2020
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