Pope Francis: Defender of Islam By Peter Ewer

     Pope Francis welcomes what he has called an “Arab invasion” of Europe, seeing it as a good thing, increasing diversity, which is equivalent, to decreasing the number of white Europeans: http://www.politico.eu/article/pope-francis-arab-invasion-of-europe-is-a-reality/.

     While the Dutch hide 10,000 refugee crimes: http://pamelageller.com/2017/07/dutch-hide-10000-refugees-crimes.html/, he has said:

“If I talk about Islamic violence, then I also have to talk of Catholic violence. Not all Muslims are violent, just like not all Catholics are violent.”

     Nobody, even the most deranged Right wingers have said this. But, all cultural critics do not debate on violence, and if this means, talking about all violence, then, do it!  Otherwise the Pope, is just another leftist defender of islam:

     French intellectual Guillaume Faye, aptly summed up this Pope’s cultural Marxist ideology, in these words: https://altright.com/2016/04/29/who-is-pope-francis-really/:

“Pope Francis joins the ‘without borders’ cosmopolitan ideology present among the South American clergy, who since he 1960s have been influenced by Trotskyism. It is the doctrine of ‘liberation theology’. He later stated, and agreed with, this stupid formula:
‘Barriers create divisions, and sooner or later, conflicts’
Reality is exactly the opposite: it is mixtures of populations that generate conflict. Sealed borders and ethnic homogeneity guarantee peace. Similarly, in economics, Pope Francis has developed stale Marxist ideas which first appeared in the Catholic circles of the extreme Left of the ’60s.   ‘Catholeftism’ is still very active in politics, trade unions, the media and also among the clergy. Today’s ‘catholeftism’ is also Islamophilic. For the first time, a Pope belongs to this thought current… It’s all there, everything fits.
For example, good Jesuit Pope Francis manoeuvers to make overtures to the traditionalists while accepting communion for the divorced and remarried. This wide of a gap doesn’t bother this schemer, even while he is risking a very serious schismatic crisis within the Church.
With an eager media behind him and a cynicism close to that of the Florentine Popes of the sixteenth century, this great communicator poses as a saint and seduces the naive. In taking his name from Saint Francis of Assisi, he adopts a phony, simulated poverty by refusing to live in the papal apartments. This facade of humility sounds bad coming from such a preachy and overbearing moral professor. Also, note his excessively infantile and provocative side, which can be seen in many of his statements and actions. This is a fanatical temptation. First it surprised, then excited journalists. But after a while, we finally came to realise that his speeches are poor and repetitive.
Theologically, Pope Francis belongs to the ‘politicised’ Jesuit school and desecrates the Catholic religion. Catholic universalism, which is only valid on the spiritual level (all humans are the sons of the same God, and eligible for the same sacraments), is transformed into a cosmopolitan material policy including the abolition of borders, open migration, and the mixing of peoples. This cosmopolitanism is biased. It is directed exclusively, in a suicidal manner, against the European civilisation and ethnicity. This all poses a very serious problem and can cause a schism in Catholicism.”

     Indeed, this may well be the last Pope, as the institution implodes.



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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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