Politically Correct Pandas? By Tom North

     If you want to get your way in this politically correct fascist tyranny that we live in, just cry “racist,” and it is as good as having a magic genie grant you wishes:

“A scientifically supported, commonsense civil rights bill that would have allowed individuals and families to self-quarantine in their homes in the event of a pandemic without being forced to be treated with vaccines or antibiotics was struck down by two California Democratic senators on the basis that the legislation had racist undertones, VacTruth.com reports. The bill was authored by Greg Glaser, JD, of the Pandemic Response Project and officially named the Peaceful and Natural Dignity Act (PANDA) back in the year 2013. Glaser explained that his bill “PANDA” was a reference to the word “pandemic,” and, interestingly enough, said that he chose this particular acronym because, “The panda is a beautiful symbol of both peace and nature, especially given the legal protection pandas enjoy.” Furthermore, “PANDAS” is a well-known acronym for “Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcus.”

     But all of this was completely irrelevant to senators Josh Newman and Richard Pan, who decided to play the race card in order to exterminate the bill even though race had absolutely nothing to do with it. “Where did the acronym PANDA come from?” asked Senator Newman. “The panda animal would seem to have very little to do with vaccinations, but it does tend to have a racial or ethnic tinge to it; it also includes the first three letters of my colleague’s name, and I could see where one might take offense.” Of course, by his colleague, Senator Newman was referring to Senator Richard Pan. Thus, whether it is true or not, just shout “racism,” and wave your arms in the air, and all that your heart desires will be granted. Of course, don’t be white and expect this magic to happen.



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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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