Politically Correct Fascist Britain By Chris Knight

     With Britain in a virtual state of multicult civil war, if not social chaos, with the breakdown of the rule of law, the multicult fascist state is responding by using the iron fist upon conservative white Britons. This is know as anarcho-tyranny: anarchy and chaos at the social level, tolerated if it is not caused by whites, but rigid state control of dissenting thought, not just on race and immigration, but now on everything:

“The United Kingdom’s Sentencing Council has proposed Orwellian new guidelines that would make it a criminal offense to engage in free speech online whenever doing so might offend people who aren’t white or who belong to the cult of LGBT. Reports reveal how the Sentencing Council is actively advocating that the perpetrators of online “hate” posts, as it’s calling them, be sentenced to prison time. Social media users who share or even just comment on posts dealing with race or LGBT issues, for instance, would face a minimum six-month prison sentence, while the authors of such posts would face up to three years in prison. Pretty much any online content that’s deemed as in any way contributing to the “stirring” up of hatred towards racial, religious, or sexual “minority” groups is potentially subject to the harsh punishments being pushed by the U.K.’s Sentencing Council as part of its continued efforts to control what people say and do online.”

     Of course, this is promoted as controlling “hate,” but “hate” is defined by the existing tyrannical regime as anything it does not like, and the laws will be written so that politically correct judges will be able to nail anyone the Deep State does not like. It is already happening. The above article gives an example that shows the political agenda of these laws and the elites lurking behind them:

“But knife offenders can walk from court. The firm line taken by the Sentencing Council on hate speech posted online contrasts with its leniency to other groups of offenders. It ruled two years ago that young thugs – including those who carry knives – may be spared jail if they come from deprived or criminal family backgrounds. The guidelines gave a number of reasons why courts should not impose custodial sentences to a teenager guilty of threatening someone with a knife, including an ‘unstable upbringing’ that may have involved numerous care placements, exposure to drug and alcohol abuse, victim of neglect and/or abuse, and ‘exposure to familial criminal behaviour’. Also under 2016 guidelines, muggers may escape prison if the robbery is found to have done no harm and was carried out with only ‘minimal force’. The council also recommends shorter sentences for criminals who admit their guilt in court. Those who plead guilty at their first appearance may have their custodial term cut by a third.”

     So much for controlling knife crime!

     And, given the trolling on the internet, Britain better get busy building tens of thousands of prisons to put away tens of millions of white  people. When the system falls apart, perhaps some sanity may come back to Britain. The elites deserve economic collapse and ruin. They need to have their standard of living reduced to that of 10,000 years BC.

     The above post details how Twitter is basically already censoring anything the Anarcho-Tyrannical system does not like:

“Social media censorship of politically incorrect content is reaching a crescendo, as reports continue to flood in about Twitter users who are having their accounts suspended and even permanently deleted simply because liberals find their conservative viewpoints “offensive.” The situation is particularly dire in the United Kingdom, where as many as 10,000 Twitter accounts have thus far been closed down at the request of the British government, which is accusing them of containing “hate” speech – which is code for content that liberals simply don’t like. In the case of a man named Tommy Robinson, it was some facts about Islam that resulted in his Twitter account being slapped with a permanent ban. Robinson had posted about how Muslims are vastly over-represented in child-grooming gangs throughout the U.K., which is what triggered his removal from the platform.

Because nothing Robinson ever wrote or even insinuated had anything to do with actual hate, he’s now suing Twitter for blatant censorship of factual information. There’s also legislation currently in the works that seeks to legally prohibit Twitter, as well as Facebook, from censoring conservative content. Nick Monroe, an independent journalist from the United States, has also been targeted by Twitter over factual information that paints Muslims in an imperfect light. Monroe had decided to conduct an investigation into a U.K.-based group known as “Tell MAMA” that functions as a type of tattletale network to rat out anyone who expresses criticisms against Islam – and for this he, too, was banned from Twitter.”

     It would be nice to think that Joe and Sue Sixpack would be getting concerned about all the changes occurring which threaten their lifestyle, and may be prepared to do something for once in history.  Joe, Sue, your country needs you! That big screen TV will not be much use if you lose a functioning society. Joe, even cutting back on beer and donating to those fighting this would be a help. Joe, are you listening?



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Wednesday, 28 October 2020
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