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Political Correctness Strangling Maths By Brian Simpson

     As a high school science teacher, who has taught maths to the lower years, I always wondered how political correctness would be used to destroy mathematics, or its teaching. Now we have some idea:

“A new math course at Penn State University this semester has a bizarre focus on Hillary Clinton’s “strong character.” According to a report from Campus Reform, a new math course at Penn State University focuses on everything besides math. Professor Marc Fabbri’s “Finite Mathematics” course covers everything from Hillary Clinton’s “strong character” to the “cultural intolerance” to President Lyndon Baines Johnson’s Clean Water Act.
On the Penn State website, Fabbri’s course is described as an “introduction to logic, sets, probability.” But students who took Fabbri’s new course last spring say that the course is focused on other topics. Take for example the following excerpt from a text provided to students by Fabbri. “The emergence of the Tea Party played a central role in the 2008 U.S. presidential election,” the document reads. “The victor was Barack Obama who, like Bill Clinton, served as U.S. president for 8 years — the two men guided always by the strength of character and force of intellect of First Lady Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton.”

     That is the US, the land where all sorts of madness rule. Yet, when I mentioned this to James Reed over the weekend, while we tipped copious quantiles of oestrogenic beer down our throats, he said that he had hear that one statistics course had a social justice warrior type, who spent a fair bit of each lecture pushing anti-white racism and other politically correct ideologies. If so, why haven’t students spoken up, anonymously about this? Have their brains rotted as fast as their guts?



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Thursday, 02 July 2020
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