Planet Africa: Coming Soon by Michael Ferguson

By the end of this century Africans will account for 40 percent of all humanity and almost half of all children; Africa accounted for only nine percent of the world’s population in 1950. UNICEF predicts that by the end of the 21st century the African population will increase by 4.2 billion:

The projections are based on a revision of the projections previously made by the UN’s population division. Nigeria alone is set to account for one-tenths of all births in the world by 2050, and it alone will have a population of one billion by the end of the century.

While the intellectual elites believe that more people equals a bigger labour market (never mind that robotics are fast replacing jobs anyway), the population explosion is the poorest and most vulnerable countries, who are already being overwhelmed by population increases.

The Geneva-based International Labour Organisation (ILO) has stated that Africa, along with the economies of developing nations in Asia and South America, cannot deal with the sheer number of young people wanting jobs:
Naturally, the Africans will want to migrate to the West, especially Europe, as Die Welt, January 13, 2017 reports in an article entitled, translated, “Strong Increase in Migration Readiness in North Africa.”

According to the article, millions of Third World people will leave their homes in Africa, Asia and South America to seek work (or welfare benefits) in Europe, especially Germany. African economies are only expected to produce a few hundred thousand jobs in 2017, but millions of young Africans will be seeking work. Unemployment is thus likely to rise to 38.3 million, with nine million unemployed alone being in North Africa.

In sub-Saharan Africa, which is the demographic engine of Africa’s exploding population bomb, one-third of all people want to migrate to obtain work, especially to Europe, then the United States and Australia.

Austrian Army Intelligence reports has also predicted that up to 15 million   African economic migrants will flood Europe by 2020:
Most of Europe is struggling to supply jobs for its “own” people.

The European Union border agency, Frontex, also observes a trend of increased African migration, which would soon be greater than Middle Eastern and Central Asian migration:

The effects of Middle East migration to Europe have been dramatic, leading many to see an “end of Germany” and a colonisation of Europe (G. Faye). White Europeans are displaced and disappear. But what happens to this scenario, considered by Faye, when perhaps billions of Africans are added to this explosive brew? Will a Middle Eastern Europe, as feared by Faye, simply be replaced by an African Europe? Will the Africans and Middle Easterners be in conflict, even if millions, if not billions of Africans will be Muslim?

In all of this, as White Europe falls, what happens to all of the nuclear weapons? Nowhere in the writings of the European dystopians and doomsters, do we find an explicit answer to this question. If Europe becomes merely a part of radical Islam as Faye contemplates, could the missiles be all launched in a nuclear suicide attack on civilisation? And will this be enough to satisfy the liberal white pathological urge for self-destruction?

Will the last words of the last liberal, dying in the radioactive wastelands be: “This is all the fault of White privilege”? If only we had more non-White migration, sooner”? You can bank on it.



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Saturday, 08 August 2020
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