Physics: It Too Is Politically Correct by Brian Simpson

I don’t teach physics, but maths and biology, and frankly in my school I have only noticed a deterioration in maths ability over the years. There has not been much political correctness; human race and biology issues simply don’t get discussed in biology, there is simply too much to cover.
Therefore, I was surprised, knowing that political correctness has degraded other subjects, such as history and English, to read that physics has fallen. (The Australian, January 25, 2017, p. 1)

A leading quantum physicist (physics of the small) Professor Michelle Simmons, in her 2017 Australia Day address, has expressed alarm at the “feminised” physics which students in the HSC physics exam are now exposed to. Gone are problems in electronics, mechanics and light, requiring the use of theoretical knowledge and mathematics, to get a solution. Instead, we now have essays which are just sociology. This is not physics but sociology of science; there is a place for it, of course, but not as a substitute for hard science. Students will crash when they attempt to study physics at university.

I don’t always agree with the sentiment expressed in most of Bill Leak’s cartoons, but he was spot-on in his satire of this situation. (The Australian, January 27, 2017, p. 11) He depicts what looks like a radical feminist or transgender person, I am uncertain of which wearing, a T-shirt with the Aboriginal flag on it. The politically correct person says: “Write an essay about how Alberta (note the extra “a”) Einstein proved we celebrate Australia Day on the wrong data.” On the white board (“blackboards” are presumably “racist”) we have Einstein’s mass-energy equation E = MC2, where E = Exclusion, M = Misogyny and C = Capitalism.
This pretty much sums it up, and indicates why Asians are getting extensive tutoring from private tutors, and doing well, while Anglos, force fed pc manure, are crashing. Home schooling has never been a better  idea.



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Tuesday, 11 August 2020
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