Peter Hitchens Let’s Rip into Neo-Conners and Trumpeters! by Chris Knight

Ok, I was wrong about Trump and all of my work last year was for nothing. After hitting the bottle for a day or so, I have sobered up, and  I am angry. It’s like having a bride, going out and working each day, just to buy her things, only to find that she has been having an affair with the migrant next door. As you never got a prenuptial agreement, now you are going to lose the business and house you built for her, and you will be kicked out of your home, and the migrant will move into your bed. That happens everyday, but now it has happened to the West.

Right; now let’s sink the boots into the bastard! Oh, can I say that here? A lot of good work is already being done for us by the MSM, thanks to them hating Trump anyway.   People like Peter Hitchens, have argued that puppet Trump has dropped bombs for the terrorists:
Here is a big beefy chunk of sense from him about why this is so:

“Consider first that early on Friday morning the United States Navy launched 59 cruise missiles on behalf of Al Qaeda.
If this is not bad enough for you, note that the President of the United States did not even bother to pretend that he was seeking United Nations cover for what he did.
Note next that in the same week our Prime Minister, Theresa May, made a duty visit to pay homage to the medieval despots of Saudi Arabia, who kindly buy our warplanes and bombs, and are currently using them to savage effect in Yemen. And President Trump was playing host at the White House to the head of Egypt’s military junta, General el-Sisi, whose security forces undoubtedly massacred at least 600 protesters (probably many more) in the streets of Cairo in August 2013.

And then mark that the pretext for this bizarre rocket attack was an unproven claim that President Assad of Syria had used poison gas. Yes, unproven. The brutality of Sisi and the Saudis is beyond doubt. They didn’t use gas, but our leaders’ outrage at Assad’s alleged gas attack looks a little contrived if they keep such company.

Also what happened to the rules of evidence? Many people have written, spoken – and now acted – as if the charge was proven. Why the hurry?

Now, Mr Assad is not a nice person. I have been writing rude things about his bloodstained and wicked regime for years. But he is not insane. He knows that the use of poison gas is the one thing that will make the USA intervene against him. They have said so. He is currently winning his war against Islamist fanatics, with conventional weapons.
He had even finally got the USA to stop demanding his dismissal. Five days before the alleged attack – five days! – America’s UN ambassador, Nikki Haley, announced: ‘Our priority is no longer to sit there and focus on getting Assad out.”

Now that is a mighty big change in direction in a few days, and it is incredible to think that a gas attack could cause such a 180 degree policy turn around.  Hitchens goes on to say that the place where the gas attack took place is one where Western journalists cannot go without being killed, so they rely on information from, well, terrorists:

“No independent Western journalist could go there. He or she would be killed or kidnapped within hours. Any report which comes from that region is filtered through people who you never see in the film that does get out. I have met men like them on my travels. I would not want to offend them. These are the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, alias the Al-Nusra Front, alias Al Qaeda, the Syrian ‘opposition’ which we in the West have been supporting for several years.
Yes, that’s right, the people we have been helping are not Liberal Democrats or Girl Guides or Quakers. No, they are the same movement which destroyed Manhattan’s Twin Towers.

The only big difference between them and Islamic State is that we drop bombs on Islamic State. And we drop bombs on behalf of Al-Nusra/Al Qaeda. I’ve noted here before how these people have publicly kidnapped, killed and even sunk their teeth into the entrails of dead enemies.”

Don’t expect objective news reporting from these entrail corpse-biters!

Hitchens also says that a “British doctor” who has been featured in news outlets treating gas victims, Shajul Islam, was struck off the British medical register for misconduct in March 2016. He was charged in 2012 with terror offences in Britain, but not convicted as the trial was aborted because a key witness was abducted.

Hitchens concludes on the same sort of civilizational-pessimism that many of us have:

“The once-wealthy and powerful West is falling to bits. It is bankrupt and increasingly at the mercy of people who have begun to demand something in return for their trade and their loans.
It is all very sordid, and bodes ill for the future, but I would mind it less if we admitted what we were doing, rather than pretending these wretched events were some sort of noble act.”



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Saturday, 31 October 2020
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