People Who Live In glass Houses…Shouldn’t By Chris Knight

     Ok, for those suffering from lack of sleep, aching muscles and brain fatigue, the basic thrust is that there is no evidence that Trump worked with the Russians to undermine Hillary Clinton’s election bid. The Demo-rats have been hurt about Trump winning and seek to impeach him because nobody but them, and their libtards are allowed to rule for the globalists.

     But now the latest is that it was not Trump but Hillary and the Demo-rats colluding with the Russians over the Trump dossier, which had him with cheap Russian prostitutes:

“Despite months and months of intense work backed by billion-dollar media corporations, not a single reporter has been able to verify even one embarrassing or compromising detail in the dossier. And that is because it is all lies, BS, and misinformation meant to take Trump down. Therefore…
What you clearly have here is the Clinton campaign openly COLLUDING with a foreign country, with the Russians, to fabricate scurrilous lies about Trump, which were then fed to a willing media as a means to affect their news coverage, and by extension, sway the election.
If purchasing misinformation from Kremlin officials as a means to manipulate media coverage and sway public opinion is not colluding with the Russians to rig an election, nothing is.”

     So, the Russian business was all bs. Will Trump finally go on the attack and do what he boasts about in all his books, or will he continue to be thumped by the libtards? T ime, I think, to de-cuck.

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Friday, 21 February 2020
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