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People Buying Up Guns Like Hot Cakes By John Steele

     US gun sales are up 15 percent, driven by fears of gun banning by the insane Democrats, and self-protection concerns as well in the modern anarcho- tyranny. This social angst is seen in Germany as well, where the general population does not seem capable of resisting the elites and saving Germany from total dissolution, but still seeks personal survival in the coming post-apocalyptic multicult wastelands:

“Some people living in Germany feel less safe than they did in the past. At the same time, small arms purchases are on the rise. But experts say a boost in weapons ownership will likely do more harm than good. The number of Germans who have acquired weapons permits has risen considerably over the past two years. Having the requisite documentation allows people in the country to carry things like non-lethal gas pistols in public. In January 2016, just under 301,000 people had such a permit; in December 2017 there were over 557,000. Weapons retailers say that defensive blinding flashlights, stun guns and gas spray are selling so well they are having trouble keeping shelves stocked. Self-defense courses are also increasingly popular. Classes at Taekwondo clubs, fitness studios, and even municipal community centers are attracting more and more participants.

The perception of safety
A January 2017 public opinion poll showed that the majority of people in Germany are satisfied with their feeling of safety, but for roughly a quarter of the population, there is an increasing perception that their country is growing unsafe. The survey, conducted by the opinion research institute Infratest dimap, showed that 23 percent of Germans felt "fairly unsafe" or "very unsafe." Just under a quarter felt "very safe" and the majority — 51 percent — felt "fairly safe." Some 32 percent felt "less safe" than they did two years before. More than two-thirds stated that "not much had changed" for them.

     Then we have the usual anti-gun rhetoric from the intellectuals:

“So, does owning weapons guarantee a higher level of safety? According to criminologist and lawyer Arthur Kreuzer, the answer is "no." "In extreme psychological situations, many people resort to using guns and shoot themselves or others," he said at a lecture at the German Police University in July 2017. "If guns are not at hand, some spontaneous suicides or accidental killings can be avoided." Moreover, he added, increased weapons ownership has poisoned the climate of coexistence. "A mentality of weapons is spreading, mistrust and fears are growing, faith in public security is waning and the state's sole authority to impose order," said Kreuzer. That is why Hummelsheim-Doss believes it is particularly important to know the reasons why Germans feel unsafe. They are mostly related to crime itself. "We know that fear of crime is always very strongly linked to other fears," she said. "Crime is always a projection of social problems. That is why crime policies should focus more on the social problems of the population."

     Well Professor, Germans feel unsafe because their traditional society is being undermined with the Great Replacement. Second, sure having a gun would make gun suicide easier than not having a gun, but if one is going to suicide then one will find a way, and isn’t better that someone kills themselves alone with their gun that say jumping off a building where other people could get killed, or crashing a car, all of which have occurred recently in Australia? The issue of the means is irrelevant, because not every height or knife, or plastic bag can be banned or controlled. And accidents occur with any tools, and that is just the price paid for having self-protection, so be more careful, the world is a dangerous place. It looks like fishing to find reasons for gun restrictions to me. Everyone should buy up as many guns as possible everywhere across the West. The more guns in private, hot, sweaty hands, the better.



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Tuesday, 14 July 2020
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